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Things You Should Know About Running

By Al M. Kind

A lot of people deny themselves of a better life by not running regularly. Running is a very easy sport to get into. It probably is the easiest of all sports to learn.

If you are uninjured or free from any physical problems it should not take a lot to learn running. In fact it is probably the only sport which we all automatically learn as children.

However as adults we generally shy away from running as we believe there are things that make them bad. There are actually very little negative effects to running. Listed below are things that you should know about it.

Running Is Done Mainly to Improve Fitness and Lose Fat

Every year more and more people get into running to improve fitness. Most people do not enter running as a sport but instead focus on their fitness and health as motivations to run.

Running is the easiest fitness program to get into. It is just intuitive and actually enjoyable once you get the hang of it. It also happens one of the most effective ways to lose fat. Once your body senses that there is too much weight to be carrying around it will shed those unwanted pounds.

The effectiveness of running as a weight loss tool is undeniable. This is responsible for its popularity as a sport in America and the whole world today.

There Are Millions of Americans Who Run Regularly

A lot of people seem to stereotype runners as those who want to compete. Like boxers, or other athletes the stigma of running still sadly pervades people’s minds today.

If you thought that only athletes ran, it may surprise you to know that there are over 10 million runners in America today. This figure only includes runners who run at least twice a week. If you were to include runners who ran regularly less frequently than twice a week the figure would reach in tens of millions.

Running is a popular sport! Do not think that running is a difficult exercise only meant for boxers in training. The whole world loves running.

Not All Runner Look Frail and Thin

The millions of people around the world who run make it a very heterogeneous mix. If you thought only frail long distance athletes run then you are mistaken. Children, old people, light and heavy people they are all running.

Runners come from all walks of life. They all vary in their goals and expectations of running. They can run to compete, or run for weight loss reasons. Some even run just for the pure enjoyment they get out of it.

Jogging and Running – No Difference

The term Jogging is rumored to have been coined by one of the founders of the Nike in the late 1970s. It usually is popularly relegated as a slower version of running.

You frequently hear people say, “Oh… I just jog…” This has placed an emphasis on jogging meant to be for people who were not competing but just used it as a tool to maintain their health.

However it is important to distinguish that there really is nothing differentiating the two. If you want to call yourself a jogger rather than a runner then it’s fine to do so.

Running is Not An Injury Plagued Activity

This probably is the biggest reason people give if asked to run. They see running as a torturous activity meant only for the most determined of athletes.

People are actually scared to get injured by running. Fortunately the science of running has come a very long way. Running is safer now more than it has ever been. The advent of new running shoes technologies mean that injuries related to running are greatly minimized.

Running can be the most satisfying fitness related activity especially if you are cushioned by cushion running shoes like the New Balance 758 one of the best ever shoes to be designed for high arch runners.

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