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What is Supination?

If you arrived on this page you probably know what Supination is in the context of running. Specifically in the context of foot types and running gaits. For a quick review let’s briefly define what supination is.

Supination is technically defined as the lack of the proper amount of inwards roll of the foot from its outside part to the inner part during each foot strike on the ground.

The proper amount of inward roll or pronation is said to be around 15%. If your ankle forms and angle less than this in relation to your leg then you are said to be technically underpronating or supinating.

Who suffers from Supination?

Supination is somewhat rarer that its counterpart overpronation. Generally speaking runners with high arches tend to suffer more underpronation. Although some flat footed runners or normal arches runners can suffer supination this is generally rarer.

Something to note about supination is that it is a biological inefficiency (as opposed to defect) that high arch runners are at risk of developing.

What are the risks associated with Foot Supination?

Shin splits are a common complaint amongst runners who have not gotten shoes for supination. At more extreme cases it is not uncommon for uncorrected runners to develop bow leg. That is, the legs curve outside and the runner almost exclusively runs on the “rails” of his outside foot.

What are Supination Running Shoes?

Supination Running Shoes are shoes that are designed exclusively for undepronators. The idea is that they should encourage the foot to roll sufficiently enough to save the lower leg from the high stress impacts of running.

Running shoes for supination are characterized by being well cushioned, light and flexible especially in the middle. This flexibility should give the foot some freedom to roll by itself during each foot fall.

How can Supination Running Shoes help me?

Some people exaggerate the effects of things on their lives. And truth to be told even the best running shoes for supination will not work on extremely inefficient runners. The same way motion control running shoes cannot correct an almost wadding running gait.

But it the right running shoes for a runner’s particular gait is essential to save him from pain, irritation and injury. By all means high arched runners should get running shoes for supination. However it is best to supplement it’s with some stretching exercises and a conscious correction of gait for those who have extremely bad cases of underpronation.

Recommended Supination Running Shoes

There are many great products out there that solve the problem of supination. However since supinators are an order of magnitude less than overpronators it may be more difficult to find the perfect shoe. The following shoes are known to be the best supination running shoes.

Uodated List: Check our 2011 Best Shoes for Supination List

1) Nike Zoom Vomero+ 4

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2) Asics GEL Nimbus 11

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3) Adidas Supernova Glide 2

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What about supination insoles?

Orthotics has become popular in the recent years. And there are orthotics for supination that has been developed for those people who require it. They can be expensive and take several visits to your podiatrist to perfect.

Most people will not need them with the proper shoes, proper running technique and proper strengthening exercises for their feet. So if you are considering getting these insoles try and make a conscious effort to fix your supination first.

Did you know that running shoes for supination are more popularly known as cushioned running shoes? Find out more great shoes by reading below.