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Saucony ProGrid Triumph 6

The new addition to the series of Triumph line by Saucony is the Saucony ProGrid Triumph 6. It is stiffer on the heel and forefoot compared to Saucony ProGrid Triumph 5. A lot of users will attest that this current iteration of the Saucony Triumph has the magical qualities of the famous Triumph 4.

With the help of the full length ProGrid Technology for the Saucony ProGrid Triumph 6 aims to provide cushioning and support for worry and injury free running sessions. This neutral running shoe also comes with a moisture-wicking lining that has anti-odor and anti-microbial properties. Similar to the modern dri-fit fabrics found in athletic wear. This assures a comfortably dry foot and minimizes odor build up on the shoes.

Although the Triumph 5 gained quite a following the Triumph 6 has been hailed as many as a worthy successor. Saucony ProGrid Triumph 6 is a very good cushioned running shoe. Smooth runs and worry free running are what testers of this shoe highlight.

MSRP is $125.00 USD, which is quite expensive but you can always surf the net for cheaper ones. We’ve seen this offered for 10-20% discount around. At that price level this is a good deal

$50 dollars OFF at the Bacca!

When you have a pair of Saucony ProGrid Triumph 6, you can’t help but just feel proud. If it were me, I’d want to use it every day and run with it. The quality is top notch and the ride is comfortable. To those wanting some space on the forefoot Saucony gives you a generous toe box with these neutral running shoes. This shoe is very versatile and is recommended for both the beginning runner and the accomplished marathoner.

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