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Saucony Progrid Ride 4

The Saucony Progrid Ride 4 is the latest upgrade in the fan-favorite Progrid Ride series. It’s built to be lighter, faster, and more comfortable than its predecessor, and user opinions across the board confirm just that.

The shoe itself is made of a lighter material than the previous version. It is also consequentially more flexible, and sports a higher off the ground heel to cater to bigger runners who strike the ground hard during their strides. The higher heel is meant to produce a smoother transition for them while absorbing shock. Its soft overlay is designed for added comfort. The shoe’s distinguishing upgrade is its wider toe box to cater to wider feet, and possibly runners with flat feet and bunions. The shoe weighs in at 11.2 oz. for men and 9.4 oz. for women.

The overall impression this shoe gave off to casual and experienced runners alike was complete satisfaction. Many online reviewers listed the shoe to be a perfect five out of five stars in multiple areas of running shoe excellence, such as weight, fit, durability, and comfort. Runner’s World Magazine gave the shoe the Best Update Award for September 2011 for its improvements over the Progrid Ride 3. Users specifically liked the way the shoe gripped the arch, while others appreciated its balance and comfort.

Many hailed its breathability, as well as the wide toe box to cater to wider feet. Runners with narrow feet, however, were upset with the wide toe box. Distance runners were able to get many marathons out of it without straining the shoe or wearing it out, while runners who are new to the sport liked the shoe as an entry-level ride that made them feel like they can run extremely far distances without tiring. Runners noticed the shoe’s lightness over its predecessor.

Some didn’t appreciate the metallic grey appearance. Casual walkers and hikers also sought this shoe and were impressed by its comfort and support. Keen runners noted the shoe encourages proper running form, and were able to finish their runs with significantly lower minutes. Runners with shin splints claimed it eliminated the pain.

The few complaints for this shoe were mostly about how the toe box was too wide, and some fans of the Progrid Ride 3′s thought the 4′s were a let-down as far as fit, especially with the widening of the toe box. The noticeably higher heel got appreciative responses, however, with users claiming the heel did in fact provide a smoother transition and eliminated hard-hitting strides and the discomfort produced by them.

In conclusion, the Saucony Progrid Ride 4 is an excellent jet of a shoe that will impress runners of all shapes and sizes, as well as those new to the sport. Its overwhelming evidence of satisfied users all over the internet confirms its claims to be an upgrade over an already well-liked shoe in the Progrid Series. The balance of features are mass-appealing enough to satisfy even the most casual of runners, and its reasonable price make it a smart buy. Highly recommended.

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