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Saucony Hattori

Saucony joins the shoe trend by designing a minimalist shoe, they create lighter and faster running sneakers. The long wait is over with the introduction of Saucony Hattori. This shoe offers a zero-drop, 10mm midsole height, and 4.5 ounces in weight for a men’s size 9. The new Hattori is the most minimal model in the Saucony line and one of the great contenders to other shoe manufacturers trying to break into the minimalist philosophy.

Following the minimal design, the upper features air mesh with soft suede overlays. It is very snug without the tied-down-to-blocks feeling. The materials also stretch and follow the shape and the movement of the foot. The lacing system from previous versions was dumped and replaced with two velcro straps; one for closure and another on the heel for additional customized fit without being too restrictive.

One thing to notice about this shoe is the sole. The sole is mostly solid EVA that is notched to provide extra flexibility much like the popular Kinvara series. Some testers are skeptical with the shoe’s durability especially with the zero-drop that means a lot of midfoot and forefoot striking. The outsole has XT-900 protective rubber on the heel and the area under the big toe, which doesn’t reinforce well because minimalists tend to forefoot strike and not heel strike.

Some testers and reviewers are bummed about the midsole’s thickness. For a minimalist shoe, 10mm is a bit thick. It loses the ground feel that minimalist runners are looking for. Nevertheless it still offers enough protection for the runners, a nice touch for people transitioning into minimal running.

For runners who are picky with styles, Saucony Hattori comes in ten different colors, 5 for men and 5 for women, plenty of options to choose from. Some reviewers find the Hattori a new alternative for flip-flops. Definitely the new Hattori will be a part of a fashion statement.

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Overall, this minimalist shoe is recommended for runners seeking a more “barefoot” running experience. The Saucony Hattori has a list price of $80, a reasonable price for running close to barefoot without the discomfort of road hazards.

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