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Saucony Grid Type A4

The Grid Type A4 incorporated Saucony technologies to make this shoe very lightweight, 6.4 ounces for men and 5.5 ounces for women.

Triathletes would love the Grid Type A4’s draining system of this shoe. With the air mesh upper that provides lightweight breathability, but leads to poor weather-conditioning. With the holes at the bottom of the shoe, nothing can stop runners to run, not rain nor shine, or wet paddies nor snow sloshes. A downside to this however, is that little pebbles can get stuck to the bottom of the shoe, and also dirt and water can come through the holes so they have to be washed and aired regularly.

The Saucony SuperLite (SSL) EVA midsole material with the XT-Lite and the XT-900 outsoles provides for the shoe’s durability as well as very nice traction. The cushioning is thin and much firm feeling than the typical running shoe.

Testers love the low heel-to-toe drop; it lets them maintain the forefoot strike while minimizing the impact to the Achilles as the heel touches down. Some testers also appreciate the roomy toebox; it doesn’t have the toe-gripping ability other racing shoes provide but they leave the toes free to move around.

The Saucony Grid Type A4, doesn’t have much of an arch support, but they have loops in the tongue and heel to quickly slip the shoes on.

This cushioned racer retails for $95 but can be purchased cheaper online.

Check Sizing Men’s ($79 USD) and Women’s ($79 USD)

All in all, the shoes are great it is highly recommended for triathletes and midfoot/forefoot strikers.

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