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Running Out of Space – A Few Interesting Places That You Can Run At

By Al M. Kind

Running is a hobby that really does not require much preparation. Technically you can run immediately when you decide to. Unlike other fitness hobbies running needs close to no preparation time. Power runners have also begun taking this fact to another level.

If you are pressed for time and need to run to meet your fitness goals then read on. We list a lot of interesting places you can run at. Chances are you’ve never thought of them too.

Hotel Fire Exit

An interesting place to run able that is popular with fitness people while travelling is at the stairs of the fire exit. Arnold Schwarzenegger himself mentioned this as his way of performing his daily cardio sessions while travelling.

This is a good way for you to isolate yourself from distractions and concentrate on your fitness goals. The extra challenge of running upwards on stairs will give even the most advanced athlete a very good work out.

Around the House

Imagine yourself at your garage getting ready for work. You realize that you still have about 5 to 10 minutes to spare and you need a metabolism boost. Has it ever occurred to you that even a small home could provide you with enough room to run on?

Provided that your home is free of clutter and dangerous things you could run into you can run 10 or 20 times quickly. This will give you a very quick and intense workout. This will give you more energy than a cup of coffee.

To Where You Take Lunch

Running before lunch is one of those things that have gained a lot attention lately. Your body will be in a state conducive to getting rid of fat since you have used up your breakfast. The mind is prepared to temporarily forget about work and most of all you have at least an hour to spare.

Making use of this time to run is great you only need your running shoes. Even if you jog to McDonalds at least you have allowed your body to be in state of burning calories. If you do this you will notice that you will not feel sleepy after eating.

Along Your Office Hallway

Some offices have hallways that are sparingly used. If you don’t find one on your floor ask security if you could go to a floor that does not have much foot traffic during some parts of the day. If you ask nicely you might be permitted to do some sprints.

Keeping your foot falls silent is the key to running around hallways. If you can’t find a hallway without traffic then your own hallway before or after office hours will be great. Go to work half an hour early or leave half an hour late. It’s a very convenient way to save time and be able to do sprint training.

To the bus station or subway

Running with your running shoes on the way to bus station or subway is a habit many people are beginning to adapt. It makes travelling to and from your work much faster. You may get a few looks but you’ll notice a lot of other people doing the same.

As a bonus you get to leave your dress shoes at work. Leaving the home with your running shoes on and walking home with them will do wonders for your foot too. Sneakers are much more comfortable than leather dress shoes.