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Reebok Zig Pulse

The new Reebok Zig Pulse Running Shoe is Reebok’s solution for runners in search of a fast, comfortable ride.

These cushioned shoes from Reebok can be characterized as soft, light, and delicate as a bubble. Runners report like they are floating until. Its dominating feature is a lightweight foam outsole called Zigtech, which Reebok describes as an “Energy Drink” for the Feet. Zigtech outsoles are designed to efficiently transfer energy from the heel strike to the forefoot and propel the runner effortlessly forward, conserving the runner’s energy with every step. A technology that some runners may be familiar with: in the Mizuno’s Wave line of running shoes.

Reebok claims that the Zigtech, present in the Reebok Zig pulse can reduce the wear and tear of key running muscles by up to 20 percent. This is echoed by the real world tests done by seasoned runners. Orthotics can be accommodated by those who require it.

While a comfortable and springy concept in its first few steps of use, this shoe’s bubbly foam exoskeleton is known to break down quickly and tear under normal running conditions. This has led to many runners commenting that this shoe is more of a fleeting luxury rather than a reliable ride.

It’s soft-sole feel and feet-hugging fit make it a great casual walking but not a practical choice for serious runners looking for the most durable ride. Although the Reebok Zig Pulse can somewhat be classified as a cushioning running shoe, it is also especially comfortable for people with flat feet and other foot defects, as well as people with back problems.

The comfort is there, but the durability isn’t, and users of this fancy looking shoes from RBK have been often amazed by the comfort, and then quickly aggravated by its inability to last.

It is priced at around $100 USD, but can be found cheaper at some online sites.

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The bottom line is that the Reebok Men’s Zig Pulse Running Shoe is one of the most comfortable rides out there. Runners who love heel striking will find the ZigTech experience wonderful. But if you intend to pile up miles on these somewhat funky (You have admit that they do look beautiful and ugly at the same time) cushion running shoes then getting two or three pairs would be a great idea.

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