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Puma Voltaic 2

Puma is not the powerhouse shoe manufacturer it once was. The Puma’s Voltaic 2 is a typical modern day Puma shoe fused with styling, fashion and sports. Because of this some people Puma not to be a serious contender in the running shoes space. But the Voltaic 2 performs as well as the standard running shoes.

The Puma Voltaic 2 running shoes would be useful when running in lowered visibility scenarios because the uppers feature has a reflective 3M patch that aids motorists to see you. Its visible tenCELL bubble cushioning unit is often likened to be like pillows to cushion your heel.

This shoe is comfortable for any user for it is light and well-cushioned. The styling is pretty and you have a wide range of different colors you can choose from. There goes your sports and fashion. The thing is you might want to go for the darker colors. Since the netting type material is hard to clean. The stains would not be visible if you are in a hurry and just have no time to clean it.

The Puma Voltaic 2 retails for around 89.99 USD.
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Depending on the trim and color you might get it for as low as $69.99 USD

Since this is marketed as a blended fashion and running product we advise that this cushioned running shoes by Puma by used for casual runs. Or even for errands that require you to “jog” or move at an increased pace. There are more comfortable and less good looking shoes that the Puma Voltaic 2 if you are looking for a more hard core type of running shoes.

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