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Puma Faas 500

Running is nothing more than a desire to be faster and to enjoy the freedom of finding one’s natural rhythm”. This ideology comes from the world’s fastest runners, the Jamaicans, and this is the principle Puma has in mind in developing the Faas series. The latest addition, the Faas 500, features the Puma technologies to make runners run faster without restrictions.

The Puma Faas 500 boasts of its BioRide Technology. It has three biomechanical and performance-enhancing categories: rocker, flex and groove. The rocker is the shape of the midsole for a smoother touchdown and an effortless toe-off. The flex is the grooves in key zones for natural feet movement and added responsiveness. Lastly, the groove is the line around the midsole for stability that responds to each runner’s needs. The three combinations give the shoe a natural and comfortable ride.

Users commend the Puma Faas Lab at making the Faas 500 comfortable compared to their running shoe before. Testers that are not used to the Puma ride were a little skeptical at first but they are won over after trying on the trainers for a few miles. The responsive ride of the Faas 500 is immediately notice. They shoe is true to its size and is comfortable right out of the box.

Puma Faas has a cushioning scale ranging from 100 to 1000. The lower the number on the scale, the more shoe is on the minimalist side. This pair is a 500 on the scale, therefore it has more cushioning. This is especially good for runners looking for a transition shoe, especially those who used highly cushioned trainers before.

Wear-testers and testers also appreciate the trendy Puma trainers. During the use of this pair, they are getting a few glances from other runners because of the vibrant colors of the shoe and its overall design. The shoes are very great for everyday use as they are very fashionable.

Check if you size is available where we found it for less. Check Men’s and Women’s.

Overall the Puma Faas 500 is a fantastic running shoe without the familiar rings and whistles of a traditional running shoe. This racing shoe retails for $100 USD but can be bought cheaper in online stores. It is recommended as a casual trainer for efficient runners. The Puma Faas 500 is a smart choice for runners looking for a comfortable running shoe with a natural responsive ride or those seeking a lightweight minimalist shoe.

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