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New Balance 574

Today the shoe trends for retro classic style shoes. New Balance launches the New Balance 574 (NB 574), a classic retro-style running shoe that goes well with different attire. When this footwear was first introduced, it represented running shoes in terms of speed and stability. Today it also sets the style. The NB 574 is available in men’s, women’s and children’s sizes where one can choose in various colors. Aside from its great looks, it also features a bunch of New Balance’s patented technology that accounts for the shoe’s comfort and fit.

The NB 574 features the ENCAP midsole and ABZORB cushioning. The ENCAP is a polyurethane rim with a C-CAP core. The ability of the ENCAP to dissipate shock is exceptionally helpful because it enables the shoe-wearer to move comfortably for a longer period of time. Because it dissipates shock, it lessens the shock impact on the runner’s body. The ABZORB is New Balance’s trademark cushioning foam made of superior quality isoprene rubber designed to absorb shock on impact.

The upper is made up of suede that features retro-sporty lines and enhances the shoe’s durability, and mesh that provides breathable and comfortable environment for the runner’s feet.

Finally, the outsole is made up of non-marking rubber that provides long-wearing durability and has excellent traction properties.

Reviews say that these shoes are very comfortable, cushioned and are great for street walking and other daily activities. Wear-testers and reviewers are satisfied by the shoes’ great look. Most reviews came about describing how other runners ask them about their shoes when wearing the NB 574. Another thing that excites most NB 574-wearers especially those living in the US is the launching of the New Balance Custom US574. It enables the user to customize the designs and choose from different material and color options to personalize the NB 574.

The NB 574 retails for $64.99. Check if Your size is available – MenLadies

These kicks are highly recommended for runners who want to step back into stylish classic running shoes. Overall, the New Balance 574 is an extremely versatile and classic retro sneaker that keeps coming out in new colors and is now very popular on the shoe market. Definitely a USA made shoe icon.

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New Balance 998

New Balance came up with another classically style running shoe and called it New Balance 998 (NB 998). It takes the shoe up a notch with the 1993 NB 998 silhouette and wraps it in retro style.

The NB 998 still sports the ABZORB cushioning. This material absorbs shock and dissipates energy therefore it softens the impact forces footstrike after footstrike. The shoe’s last is the SL-1. This last has a typical forefoot and toebox design which provides a conventional fit through the shank, recommended for runners with normal to low arches. The ENCAP midsole material in the heel cushions heel strike and gives plenty of stability. It is also very durable, great for heavy heel strikers.

The outsole in the forefoot area is made up blown rubber known for its cushioning abilities and responsiveness. It also allows the foot to flex normally. The high-wear areas of the outsole are made up of carbon rubber. It gives long-wearing durability to the shoes. The combination of both materials in the outsole makes NB 998 great for on and off road conditions.

Many wear-testers and reviewers are pleased after wearing the New Balance 998. Aside from the good looks, many appreciate the comfort they are getting from this pair. They also find the shoe very durable and recommend it for high-mileage training. They also reported the responsiveness of the shoe.

Continuing to be a crowd pleaser, the NB 998 was reborn as part of the Super Team 33 Luggage collections. It also raises the American flag with the insignia in the tongue that says “Made in USA.”

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These classic shoes have a suggested retail price of $125.00 USD. The NB 998 that is part of the ST33 collections retail for $200 USD. It can also be bought cheaper on online stores. Although, a bit expensive for most, New Balance delivers its promises with this shoes. Designed for heavy runners, this high-mileage training shoe gives them excellent cushioning, maximum stability and ultimate comfort that they can rely on throughout their runs. It is also recommended for mild overpronators who are looking for stable and cushioned rides.

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New Balance 992

The 990 series of New Balance are one of the top selling shoes. What keeps it in the rack is the perfect blend of comfortability, stability and durability every runner is looking for in a shoe. The New Balance 992 (NB 992) continues to make more fans for the series and it has been a staple in shoe stores since its introduction. The famous NB 992 is a classic sneaker designed and engineered with the reliability with high-quality materials the New Balance 900 series are known for.

For cushioning, this update has equipped the New Balance special ABZORB technology. The heel and the forefoot are padded with the ABZORB SBS cushioning material that provides maximum shock absorption. It keeps the feet safe and perfectly cushioned, allowing runners to add extra miles to their runs without having to slow down or meet any injuries.

As an update, the NB 992 features a lightweight compression molded EVA that provides cushioning and flexibility. The midsole and the heel also have a polyurethane rim with C-CAP core that provides stability without sacrificing cushioning. The outsole is made up of the N-durance rubber compound in high-wear areas that is very durable and provides the shoe’s longevity. Finally, the upper is made up of synthetic and mesh that gives a lightweight and supportive feels to the shoe. Because it is mesh, it allows air to go in and out of the shoe making the shoe breathable.

These cushioned trainers retail for $144.99 USD and is one of the favorites among shoe shoppers especially in North America. This is after all a North American made product.

The upper is classically designed – it has a clean look. It is very stylish without being too flashy, according to some testers. The cushioning is enough for most tastes, plush but not too bulky. Most find the fit perfect.

The New Balance 992 is also preferred by many because it is widely available. It is available in a lot different sizes for both men and women. It also comes in five different widths to fit various foot sizes.

We found it for about $120. Check if your size if availble – Men and Ladies.

All in all, an excellent product that caters to many a runner. It is generally considered one of the highest quality shoes that money can buy. (HINT: This is Steve Jobs iconic shoes)

This shoe has been updated, Check Out the New Balance 993.

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New Balance 993 Women’s

The New Balance 993 (NB 993) follows the success of the New Balance 992. The NB 993 does not disappoint. It still has the consistent fit, comfortable feel, the same amount of stability and vintage design with modern technologies.

For this update, New Balance equips these shoes with ACTEVA midsole for enhancing comfort. This midsole material is twelve percent lighter than standard foam but with DuPont Engage it has exceptional durability. It also has the ABZORB DTS in the heel for a softer weight shift from heel strike to toe-off. The DTS has compression set featuring the DuPont Engage and Isoprene rubber for the ultimate ride. The new materials used with the NB 993 lets it shave off 1.2 ounces of its weight compared to its predecessor.

Women’s NB 993 is made on a narrower last than men’s. In addition, the heel is narrower than the forefoot width. The medium width for the women’s sizes of NB 993 is B. It comes in three main colors: pink, black and gray.

Many became fans of the NB 993 because of its lightweight, its support and the extreme comfortable feel they get from the shoes. They agree that the shoes run true to their sizes and do not need breaking in. Furthermore, the various widths that NB 993 offers are great for people wearing orthotics as they accommodate them well. A lot of light runners appreciate the softer heel strike of this latest update. They were able to compress the heel compared to the previous version, and it gives them a responsive ride.

The NB 993 has a suggested retail price of $144.99 USD. We found it for a bit less here.

Though a little bit expensive, it is worth the buy because it delivers the services it promises for the runners to whom this shoe is designed for. Being made in the USA makes it very durable and stands up well to wear and tear.

In summary, the New Balance 993 is a high performance running shoe that offers more cushioning and durability than any other similar class of running shoe.

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Brooks Dyad 5

The Brooks Dyad series is the niche for flat-footed runners who supinate. This makes it one of the most unique shoes in the planet catering to a very specific type of user. With the fifth installment to the series, the Brooks Dyad 5 is sleeker and lighter.

Compared to the previous version, the Dyad 5 sports a lighter upper by using less material that wraps the foot while maintaining the conforming fit. Also the flex grooves in the forefoot are deeper which allows the shoe to flex more. The Dyad 5 also features the full-length MoGo midsole material. The MoGo is Brooks patented technology when it comes to resilient cushioning. Aside from the soft ride this technology brings, the MoGo is also very durable and lighter compared to standard foam materials.

The Dyad 5 features HydroFlow cushioning units placed in the heel and forefoot area. These units are shock absorbent and provide cushioning from heel strike to toe-off. Working with the HydroFlow cushioning units is the full-length S-257 midsole material. It also provides excellent energy return on every stride.

Added stability is done with “The Cush-Pod configuration”. It is composed of two supportive pods in the midsole and outsole of the shoe that add an extra spring with each step. It places the foot in an efficient, balanced position every stride for maximum cushioning and flexibility. Finally, the dual stability arch pod provides the necessary support and control for overpronation.

Another nice update for the Dyad 5 is it now comes in widths. With this, the shoes can accommodate a wider variety of runners, especially those who wear orthotics.

Many wear-testers find the shoe very comfortable to run. Heavy runners also praises the shoe’s durability since it can holds well to heavy pounding. However, some find the cushioning a drawback to these shoes. Some have complained that the extra padding makes it harder to run at faster speeds, because of lack of feeling of the ground.

Save $30 if you get it here (Men’s) and (Women’s)

The Brooks Dyad 5 has a suggested retail price of $100.00 USD but can be bought cheaper in online stores. It is designed for flat-footed runners who don’t need motion-control shoes. It can also be ideal for the medium- to high-mileage runners. It is also suitable for heavy runners looking for a shoe that will hold up to their higher impact force.

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Mizuno Wave Creation 10

The Creation series has always been amongst the top list in every shoe store in terms of cushioning and smooth ride. The Mizuno Wave Creation 10, the tenth installment of the Creation series, does not disappoint.

As an update, the latest model has improved slightly in cushioning compared to its predecessor, the Mizuno Wave Creation 9. This is due to the rubber pillars that connect the upper and lower wave plates. The Wave is a Mizuno cushioning technology that distributes the force of the landing impact all throughout the running shoes.
Some users describes this latest addition to give them that extra springy feel, it dissipates shock very well. Heavy runners also appreciate the cushioning of this shoe and it also stands albeit their heavy pounding.

The AP midsole cushioning blends well with the Wave technology since after the shock dispersion, the midsole becomes more responsive. It is an accommodative type of cushioning and it is very lightweight. The combination of the AP midsole technology and the Wave technology produces a smoother ride.

The upper is still made up air mesh to maximize ventilation, but bands have been added from the laces to the midsole. This bands help lock the upper over the arch. According to testers, the fit is snug, has a roomy toebox and no heel slippage is reported.

The outsole is made up of X-10, a very durable carbon rubber that allows longer wear in high-wear areas and has incredible traction properties for optimum grip on the road.

Wear-testers say that these trainers need breaking in for a few miles, it was a bit stiff. Some agree that they were skeptical at first with the shoe’s stiffness, but they actually feel no pain at all. After running around in these trainers, they appreciate the support it gives to their every stride.

The shoe were priced originally at $161.95 USD, it is now on sale at $134.95 USD but can be purchased for less in online stores.

Overall the Mizuno Wave Creation 10 is a highly cushioned shoe with incredible shock-absorption and durability. It is great for heavy-runners looking for a cushioned ride.

*Check Out this shoe’s updated brother : Mizuno Wave Creation 12

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Adidas adiZERO Tempo 4

Adidas adiZERO Tempo 4 is an everyday trainer for very efficient runners. The design of this shoe is very streamlined, giving the shoe a faster look. It is also very lightweight, which means a featherlike stride everytime.

The upper has a basic design, nothing very flattering. It is made up of a breathable air mesh upper that gives a cooler environment for runners who run long distances and have sweaty feet. It is very appropriate for warm climates as it keeps the air flow in and out of the shoe. However a setback with this kind of design is that it does not prevent water or snow sloshes to enter the shoe. These trainers are good if the weather is warm and sunny and not otherwise.

The ForMotion Technology in the heel makes sure that the each run would be smooth and comfortable. It allows the heel to adapt to different kinds of ground and footfalls.

The forefoot is made up of adiPRENE+ that maintains the shoe’s propulsion and efficiency. The Torsion System is still sported by the adiZERO Tempo 4; it maintains the medial integrity by providing adaptive midfoot support. The posting on the midsole called Pro-moderator is an update to the Tempo 4. This medial support device has a higher density compared to previous postings and it is better in preventing overpronation. AdiPRENE can be seen under the heel for superior cushioning at impact. Finally it has the adiWEAR outsole that offers enhanced durability to the shoe.

What most wear-testers and reviewers appreciate is the shoe’s cushioning. They agree that the footwear is more plush on the forefoot than the heel. This balance gives them very smooth ride for every transition, from a firmer heel to a softer landing on the forefoot. The different densities on the shoe give the runners a faster and a more responsive feel for every stride.

This everyday trainer is also recommended for racers who seek supportive footwear for long runs. It is also suitable for neutral to mild overpronators that seek a stable and cushioned ride. The adiZERO Tempo 4 retails for $100.

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Adidas adiZERO Tempo

Adidas adiZERO Tempo is a lightweight yet stable training shoe. It sports the Formotion Technology, a stabilizing device that allows foot to easily adapt to the ground and each footstrike for improved handling and stability. The ProModerator medial support device prevents overpronation. It also features the Torsion system that gives integrity to the midfoot and a full-forefoot adiPRENE that gives extra propulsion and efficiency. This is also a firm section of foam in the forefoot that provides a solid base for each toe-off.

The midsole of the adiZERO Tempo is built around two plastic heel plates that shoe side-to-side movement, giving additional support in the rearfoot. The adiZERO Tempo features the Climacool Technology. The upper is made up of an open air mesh allowing the shoe to breathe easily creating a very comfortable environment. It is very good for very temperate climate, and is very useful for runners whose feet tend to sweat easily. However, a trade off for this kind of design is that, testers cannot use these flats during the wet season. Water and snow can penetrate through the mesh which is not comfortable for the runner. It is also rather inconvenient for runners to stay away from wet paddies all the time, to keep water and mud to enter their shoes.

The shoe also has a perforated tongue that gives additional lightweight comfort and breathability. It also has a removable dual-layer anti-microbial adiLite/respoEVA sockliner that controls odor and gives step-in comfort. Some users remove this sockliner and replace it with orthotics and other gel cushioning that suits their taste. Finally, the adiWEAR outsole offers superior high-wear durability.

Wear-testers and reviewers reported that they had a lot of time keeping the shoe’s fit because of the laces, but other than that, they love the perfect balance of light weight and with a tad of cushioning and offers a little bit of support. The cushioning of the shoe is soft without being too mushy.

Deals – Men’s for $55 (Check Size Availability) and Ladies for just $34 (Check Size Availability)

The Adidas adiZERO Tempo
is a performance shoe recommended for faster-paced runners with high-arches who want a lightweight trainer. It is also suitable for runners with high-arches who seek speedwork or a race-day shoe. At a retail price of $110 or lower in online stores, the adiZERO Tempo will be beyond runner’s expectations.

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Adidas adiZERO Mana

The Adidas adiZERO Mana is a performance flat designed for distance runners. It is very lightweight, perfect for the speedy works.

For this update, a full-forefoot adiPRENE+ is installed for additional propulsion and responsiveness. It also features two postings of different density, one in the heel for initial control and another one in the forefoot for a better toe-off. The added medial support makes it more of a middle-of-the-road stability shoe. The TORSION system in the middle is responsible in maintaining midfoot integrity. This shoe has adiPRENE in the heel for shock absorption. Wear-testers appreciate the fact that the shoe is very responsive and it just propels their feet forward to lug more miles.

The upper is made of a breathable air mesh that allows air in and out of the shoe for a cooler and more comfortable environment for the feet. The mesh makes the shoe suitable for running in warm weather. The constant sliding and slippage issues are address by the non-slip lining in the interior of the shoe. It provides more comfort and greater performance for the runner.

The outsole is made up of a durable blown rubber that helps cushion the shoe while at the same time providing traction.

Some wear-testers complain that the fit is a tad snug because the toebox is a pointy and a bit narrow. They constantly switch these pair with a different shoe because of the fit. Nevertheless the continuous friction gave them blisters. Definitely buyers should get this half-size up. This is recommended by some reviewers for runners who tend to forefoot or midfoot strike. The flats provide just enough support without being too heavy or bulky.

The Adidas adiZERO Mana is perfect for race-day or for runners looking for a break from their everyday trainers. It is also great shoe for training, tempo work and marathons. It can also be a transition shoe for runners who want a more minimalist design. At a very low price of $80 USD or as low as $56 on online stores, the adiZERO Mana is an ideal choice for speed running to distance racing on a budget.

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Adidas adiZERO Rocket

Adidas adiZERO Rocket is a versatile flat designed for 5Ks, to10Ks to full marathons. It has a unique look compared to the other adiZEROes because of the asymmetrical design of the upper.

The adiZERO Rocket has an open mesh allowing it to breathe easily creating a comfortable environment. It is very good for very temperate climate. However, a tradeoff for this kind of design is that, testers cannot use these flats during the wet season. Water and snow can penetrate through the mesh which is not comfortable for the runner. Added synthetic overlays can also be seen on the upper that makes the shoe sturdier and more stable.

The adiZERO Rocket is very lightweight and has a smaller heel-to-toe drop. It sports a minimalist design, but still with a little bit of cushioning. It features technologies like adiWEAR for a more long-lasting outsole, and Torsion system for midfoot stability and support.

Reviewers pointed out that while running on an adiZERO Rocket, runners should use socks and not use it barefoot. The interior of the shoe has some rough spots that bent down into the big toe, and it will cause blisters in the long run.

These flats come with forefoot adiPRENE+ which is supposed to provide extra support and comfort for the forefoot. It also adds propulsion and responsiveness to the ride. Some users complain that the forefoot is a little stiff, and the shoe needs breaking in.

A good feature of the adiZERO Rocket is the improved rubber outsole which is softer and more durable. It gives more protection and cushioning to those who need it. Adidas also lessened the grooves on the sole. The result the shoe does not pick up any stones or debris anymore.

Reviewers and wear-testers reported that the low heel-to-toe drop created a more responsive ride. It gave them more energy return on their runs and it propels them forward, making their performance faster.

The Adidas adiZERO Rocket is recommended as a transition shoe for runners seeking a more barefoot experience without the danger of road pricks. These flats retail for $84.99 but can be bought significantly cheaper online. Check were we found it at less than half retail.

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