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Nike Free Run+

The Nike Free Run+ is a sheep in wolf skin in the world of running shoes, and is a deceptive ride that lures the runner with amazing comfort,but has gotten a bad rap for their lack of durability.

The feathery touch of the Nike Free Run+ comes from its unique outsole which is segmented to bend any way the foot wants to. This results in an amazingly comfortable stride that promises to simulate the free feel of bare-foot running. It also has upgrades from its predecessor in the Free series, which include a more sturdy heel that can accommodate impact, as well as an offset lacing pattern meant to hug the foot more naturally. The inner sleeve of the shoe hugs the foot like a bedroom bootie, and aids in simulating a barefoot-like run.

Testers of the Nike Free Run+ loved the foot-hugging fit, as well as the light weight of this fast-riding foot raft. The soft feel also impressed first-time users of the shoe, but they were immediately disappointed to learn that the outsole wore away too quickly with extended use, and could not accommodate their hardcore running regimen. Users were also disappointed at the shoe’s lack of arch support, and even experienced pain after two weeks of use. Many runners who are used to conventional trainers agreed that it was better suited as a casual walking shoe for its amazing comfort.

The Nike Free Run+ retails for 120, but can be commonly found at around $80 USD nowadays.

The Nike Free Run+ is recommended for anyone looking for an amazingly comfortable walking shoe, or even casual runners who don’t run extreme amounts of miles on a regular basis.

The shoe’s lack of support and durability, two substantial aspects in the quality of a good running shoe, make this a bad choice for any serious runner, especially those with flat feet. Recommended as a comfortable, lightweight ride only for casual runners and walkers.

Editor’s Note:

The Free Run+ is part of the family of shoes from Nike that has ushered a new form of running shoes. Albeit the recommendation above, newer runners or runners who want to take half a step towards minimalistic shoes will find this shoe very good.

The lack of support and stuff has been credited for the strengthening of ligaments making the runner less dependent on the support structures of modern day trainers. All in all these can be considered as an interim shoe for runners used to trainers wanting to go minimalist (like the Saucony Kinvara).

New runners who are light to medium build who want less dependence on support of the shoes and want to train their feet for strength will also want this shoe.

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