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Nike Air Pegasus +27

The Nike Air Pegasus +27 is a cushion-lovers dream. In its 27th installment the Nike Air Pegasus hits runners with all the old features of a shoe well-cushioned combined with an added touch of softness for an even smoother and effortless ride.

The shoe’s main feature is Nike’s signature Zoom Air system, which is the brand’s most springy cushioning system designed to absorb all uncomfortable shakes and pounds serious runners can bring upon their feet. The shoe is positioned as a marathon trainer, and as such, comfort would become a major factor for long distances. The Pegasus also boasts some improvements over its predecessors, notably a softer midsole and a more flexible forefoot. These touches of soft add further to the shoe’s already impeccable cushioning system, designed to give runners the smoothest ride possible. Its outer design features two simple bands that effectively anchor the laces, and do not get in the way of rubbing on the inside of the runner’s foot with its stitching. It’s a relatively light ride at 11 oz. for men and 8.6 oz. for women.

Users and testers of the Nike Air Pegasus+ 27 loved the overall feel of the shoe on the foot, and felt it to be very comfortable compared to other shoes. This can be attributed to the shoe’s effective cushioning system. The shoe even won the Best Buy Award in the September 2010 issue of Runners World Magazine.

The Nike Air Pegasus+ 27 is a great ride for only $90 retail price.

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Also try the older but very similar version of this shoe. Its cheaper!

In conclusion, the Nike Air Pegasus+ 27 delivers one of the best cushioning systems on the running shoe market, and gives runners an amazingly smooth ride for an amazingly good price. Highly recommended, if anything to just experience the feel of the shoe on the foot and the Zoom Air cushioning system at work.

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