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New Balance 993 Women’s

The New Balance 993 (NB 993) follows the success of the New Balance 992. The NB 993 does not disappoint. It still has the consistent fit, comfortable feel, the same amount of stability and vintage design with modern technologies.

For this update, New Balance equips these shoes with ACTEVA midsole for enhancing comfort. This midsole material is twelve percent lighter than standard foam but with DuPont Engage it has exceptional durability. It also has the ABZORB DTS in the heel for a softer weight shift from heel strike to toe-off. The DTS has compression set featuring the DuPont Engage and Isoprene rubber for the ultimate ride. The new materials used with the NB 993 lets it shave off 1.2 ounces of its weight compared to its predecessor.

Women’s NB 993 is made on a narrower last than men’s. In addition, the heel is narrower than the forefoot width. The medium width for the women’s sizes of NB 993 is B. It comes in three main colors: pink, black and gray.

Many became fans of the NB 993 because of its lightweight, its support and the extreme comfortable feel they get from the shoes. They agree that the shoes run true to their sizes and do not need breaking in. Furthermore, the various widths that NB 993 offers are great for people wearing orthotics as they accommodate them well. A lot of light runners appreciate the softer heel strike of this latest update. They were able to compress the heel compared to the previous version, and it gives them a responsive ride.

The NB 993 has a suggested retail price of $144.99 USD. We found it for a bit less here.

Though a little bit expensive, it is worth the buy because it delivers the services it promises for the runners to whom this shoe is designed for. Being made in the USA makes it very durable and stands up well to wear and tear.

In summary, the New Balance 993 is a high performance running shoe that offers more cushioning and durability than any other similar class of running shoe.

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