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New Balance 890

A new addition to the neutral shoe market is the New Balance 890. New Balance seeks to stay competitive by stripping down the shoes without sacrificing the quality.

With the advent of the New Balance 890 is the debut of a new cushioning technology, the RevLite. Wear-testers appreciate the responsiveness of RevLite, with the balanced softness and firmness. Testers agree that the RevLite adapted very well with the foot strike.

The NB 890 is light enough to assist in speedwork and tempo runs. Wear-testers agree that the shoe feels like a racing flat. Even if it’s lightweight, the cushioning is substantial enough to hold up during the constant pounding of a long run

The shoe has a heel to toe drop of 12mm giving the runner more protection on the rearfoot. Compared to the traditional design of previous models, New Balance dropped the sides of the heel and raised the back slightly for a more secure heel.

The sole of the NB 890 features a thin carbon rubber outsole which is very durable and the diamond grooves designed to save weight do not pick up rocks when training on gravel or trails. The arch is made flat to assist with forefoot or midfoot striking. Instead of a plastic bar running across the midfoot, New Balance created a diagonal lines in the sole. Not only does it reduce the weight of the shoe, but it also adds up to the gait efficiency.

The upper of the NB 890 consists of overlays that keep the shoe’s snug fit yet not uncomfortable for long distances. It also gives the wearer the impression of being tied down to the shoe. Another great thing is the flat laces, which keeps the laces tied, without putting much pressure on the topline of the foot.

Moreover, young runners will be enthusiastic about the sport because of the New Balance 890. The company tags the platforms to professional athletes who would be gracing the line. Namely, they are British Olympian Andrew Baddeley for the men’s line and American Olympian Jenny Simpson for the women’s.

10% Sale Check Sizes: Men’s and Ladies.

Overall, the New Balance 890 retailing for $100 is a great choice for high-mileage runners looking for lightweight trainers. It can also be a transition shoe for runners looking for a minimalist running shoe. This shoe has the perfect blend of lightweight and construction technology.

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