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New Balance 883

The New Balance 883 is the blue collar workers’ shoe, providing excellent and comfortable transportation not only for the casual runner, but for flat, wide feet in need of good cushioning.

The New Balance 883 is a generously cushioned ride. Its dual density collar foam provides ample support to even the most deformed of feet, and its N-Lock lacing system hold the shoe firmly against the foot. There is ABZORB isoprene rubber at the mid-sole for shock absorption and ride smoothening. The New Balance 883 is relatively light, weighing in at 9 oz.

This shoe was used by runners, walkers, tennis players, and injured foot owners alike, who all agreed that this ride was a comfortable relief to step into. Lots of users liked the arch support and wide toe box, particularly flat-footed runners with wide feet.

This neutral shoe was deemed to be a worthy comeback shoe for people with broken ankles and even prosthetic feet. Users played tennis in this shoe, worked eight hour shifts in this shoe, and just plain walked comfortably through cities in it.

For keener users familiar with New Balance, this particular model was said to have more cushioning and a softer feel in the run than the previous installment of this shoe, which was the New Balance 882.

Runners loved the lacing system, and how the laces never came apart no matter how adverse the running and terrain became. Orthotic users were pleased with its ability to accommodate inserts without disrupting the design and function of the shoe.

This pair from New Balance retails for $110, but can be found for a slight discount here.

In conclusion, the New Balance 883 is not just a good running shoe, but a comfortable ride for anyone on their feet in need of cushioning and relief. The generous toe box and arch supports lend it well to runners and walkers.

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