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New Balance 738

While designed for the daily runner, the New Balance 738 is a low-cost carrier ideal for anyone looking for an added degree of comfort and relief in their run. It’s designed as a stability shoe, but with its advanced cushioning system on the inside, rides like a luxury shoe for average to long distance runners.

The New Balance 738’s comfort comes from a combination of unique structural features. Its cushioned mid-sole is made of ACTEVA LITE foam, which is 24 percent lighter than standard shoe foam, taking any bulk away from the ride. It also features a stability web which locks the shoe down with solid arch support and mid-sole flexibility. The shock created by heel strike is graciously taken away by the N-ergy ® system, which effectively reduces stress at the heel and smoothens out the ride. Its made of synthetic and mesh, and designed to be ultra-breathable.

The New balance 738 impressed even the most skeptical users. Some users with knee problems noted that the shoe almost entirely vanished their knee pains when running long distances. Many users praised the shoe for its comfort as their favorite quality, and how the shoe accommodated their various ailments with its smooth and stable ride. The shoe was tested under long-running conditions and managed to stay afloat, impressing users further with its durability. Users mostly recommended it for road-running above other types of terrain.

This cushioned running shoe retails for $85 USD and can be found for as low as $55 USD on sales online

The New Balance 738 is a luxury ride disguised as a economical buy. Its ability to cater to various types of foot and knee ailments, while at the same time surviving long distances without breakdowns, makes this an impressive ride for its price. Highly recommended for serious runners looking for comfort and relief in their stride.

Editors Note: After extensively testing the New Balance 738 as a daily walking and tri-weekly running shoe, I have to recommend it to anyone who wants a very low priced entry into running. The high arch runner will not find a better value that this shoe in the market today.

New Balance Men’s MR738 Running Shoe

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