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New Balance 730

The New Balance 730 is a fundamentally sound ride that does no more than it needs to. It is a quality, affordable pick for normal arch runners in search of a good combination of cushioning and support.

The basic design of the New Balance 730 promotes a standard, comfortable fit. Its main feature, however, is its bang-for-the-buck functionality and performance, as it is one of the more economical rides available on the market. It offers runners durability upon impact, flexibility in-foot movement, a soft, cushiony feel, and a firm, durable sense of support- all at an affordable price most runners will agree with. In addition, the package comes in a light weight of only 10.7 oz. for men, and 8.8 oz. for women.

Users and testers of the New Balance 730 were satisfied with the way the shoe went about the basics of giving runners a quality, effective ride. They found the 730 to be adequately cushioned without being too mushy in its heel strike to toe-off action. The basic fit wasn’t raved about, as some users and testers thought it was too boxy and didn’t hug their feet as much as it could. Still others appreciated the fit for its firm feel, while others commented that the fit around the heel area was a bit loose. As far as comfort, users and testers weren’t too astonished, as the basic design of the shoe lacks the interior memory foam that the more expensive shoes ever.

It retails at an affordable price of $80.

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In conclusion, the New Balance 730 is the basic bread and butter of running shoes, giving slight underpronators what they need more rather than go overboard with specifications. The price is great for the performance it gives, making this economical ride a highly recommended buy for casual and serious runners alike.

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