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New Balance 1064

Every one of us needs a pair of shoes that would help them achieve their best performance. The New Balance 1064 is that kind of shoe. New Balance has been producing the very best running shoes for the past few years. And the New Balance 1064 is one of its best. The successor to the famous 1063 will make give you the best performance your money can buy.

The New Balance 1064 provides shock absorption during impact as all cushioned running shoes should do. A few friends of mine comment on how this shoe seems to always give an optimal ride. Perhaps this is credited to a technology that New Balance refers to as N-ergy. It is a tough engineered elastometer scattered around the shoe. It’s Stability Web that provides arch support quite uncommon for a running shoe meant for neutral runners. Its firmness and lightweight help in preventing midfoot flex. A weird but highly effective combination for shoes meant for underpronators.

The New Balance 1064 is a shoe that heavier runners will love. Its comfort and cushioning can please even the biggest runners among us. It has plenty of toe room which will make the runner feel at ease while doing long, heavy runs. Some runners even use this as training shoes. Cushioning is this shoes middle name. You’d be hard pressed to find cushioning that is superior to this New Balance wonder.

All that does not come cheap though, The NB Men’s 1064 is a bit on the expensive side. This neutral running shoe MSRP is a staggering $130.00 USD. You definitely get what you pay for. If you are on a budget, there are a number of sites you can check that offers sale. Shop around to see more, you can sometimes save up to 30 dollars if you find the right deal.

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The New Balance 1064 and heavier runners come together. This shoe provides uncompromised cushioning and comfort for people like us (I have to admit, I’ve gained more than a couple of pounds). The kind of cushioning this shoe offers especially for those wanting to do longer runs is quite possibly unmatched. This shoe can keep up with whatever condition you want to place it in without any worries of it breaking down. You might end up tired from all the running but this shoe won’t give up on you.

It is hard not to over-hype the New Balance 1064. It’s been so well received by the running community that it will surely make it to the Best Cushion Running Shoes 2010 list. Our advice? Get it. Now. Hurry.

This shoe has been superceded by the much improved New Balance 1080

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