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Brooks Beast

The Brooks Beast Running Shoes is a phenomenal pair of motion control shoes. Brook’s brands them as motion control super heroes! What’s not to like? the Brooks Beast Running Shoe is a formidable shoe. It features Technologies such as Hydro Flow, Mogo, DRB Acel and a lot more high technology materials.

motion control running shoes - Brooks Beast

Its flat powerful sole is able to withstand even the heaviest runners with extreme pronation. It is often a solution for motion control freaks who cannot stand even the slightest ounce of forgiveness when their feet overpronates.

It has gained a reputation of being a true heavy duty shoe for even the most demanding runner. Although its heavy weight has made the smaller runners complain about it. Designed for the flat footed to low arch runners it has been lauded as having great shock absorption and extreme stability while being breathable and surprisingly comfortable.

Best for heavy runners demanding supreme motion control.