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Mizuno Wave Precision 12

The Mizuno Wave Precision 12 is a delicate balance between a shoe that achieves a free-fitting feel while still maintaining the stability of a snug fit. Its keen design is recognized in its subtleties by a few running shoe aficionados, but largely is gone unnoticed and labeled as just another comfortable ride for runners who don’t need a lot of support in their gait.

This cushioned running shoe from Mizuno is designed as a super light speed shoe, weighing in at only 9.5 ounces for men and 7.5 ounces for women. Its high profile in design, meaning the heel is elevated off the ground to absorb the impact of heel strikers. The upgrade from its predecessor the Mizuno Wave Precision 11 is that it’s lighter, but other than weight, not much has changed in its design. It is designed to have an open feel yet wrap the foot well, and is for runners who aren’t in search of gait correction or added support because of the efficiency of their natural stride.

Users and testers of the Mizuno Wave Precision 12 thought its light weight and feel struck them like second skin, and were enamored with the hug-like fit. While it did cater to more efficient runners, people who are just looking for a shoe to walk comfortably in were also impressed by the array of subtle features that add to its overall feel. The subtly of the shoe’s design is that it shatters the notion that soft rubber connotes a non-durable shoe, and overly firm foam material connotes poor traction.

Its designers have found a way to make the shoe durable while maintaining an uncanny amount of softness, as well as giving it good traction despite the outsole being so firm. The designers also incorporated Japanese wood block printing style art on the outside, which pleased and delighted many users since most running shoes don’t dabble in classic art. The lightweight of the shoe can be attributed to its honeycomb outlay, where the center of each honeycomb is thin yet durable. Users who are keen on the Precision line noted that this is where the shoe lost its weight from the predecessor.

The Mizuno Wave Precision 12 is described by keen users to be deftly made in the different balances it achieves between running shoe features that should not go together. Experienced runners were satisfied with the shoe’s ability to take long distance runs, noting it clocked out at a hefty 250 miles or so before having to be replaced. Hardcore runners who took the shoe up and down hills and elevated tracks were also satisfied. Some users however did not like the raised heel design, and commented that it caused blisters, while other users didn’t like the rigidness of the shoe’s mid-foot area. The shoe had an affinity for impressing runner’s right out of the box with minimal break-in time. In particular, users immediately noticed the roomy toe box.

Many users went to these shoes as their training buddy for marathons and competitive runs. The traction achieved by the firm rubber was also appreciated, and the shoe was called “grippy” by some users. Mizuno has a reputation for riding small, so users recommended that this shoe be ordered a half-size up to compensate for the discrepancy in fit.

In conclusion, the Mizuno Wave Precision 12 is a solid choice for experienced runners who have an efficient gait and do not need extra support. It’s also great for fans of light speed shoes that can take distances and the pounding that results because of its durability. Not a mass-appealing ride, but great for the niche of runners who would look for what it has to offer, as well as the aficionados of classic Japanese art in the running world.

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