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Mizuno Wave Creation 11

The New Mizuno Wave Creation 11 is a typical Mizuno shoe that is blessed with a plethora of technologies meant to make your running as comfortable as possible. Along with the Wave Rider this joins Mizuno’s line of cushion running shoes which they call Neutral Running Shoes.

The main difference between this and the Mizuno Wave Rider line is that this pair is designed to those who want a more cushioned and protective shoe. Along with this protection is added weight. This is substantially heftier cushioned running shoe that its cousin, the Mizuno Wave Rider.

However that does not take anything away from the Mizuno Wave Creation 11, this shoe is currently one of the best selling shoes that are cushioned. Its defining feature is what they call Dynamotion Fit which is Mizuno’s newest technology.

It’s a fancy footwear technology that is designed to have the shoes form/deform itself with the way your skin stretches when running. The difference between this and other “better fit” technologies from other running shoe manufacturers is that Mizuno’s actually works while your foot is in motion. This is in contrast to shoes only designed to fit well when just being fitted.

Because of its weight the Mizuno Wave Creation 11 is best for heavier runners who require cushioning running shoes and a durable and firmer ride. This shoe retails at $135 and may be found cheaper if you shop around online.

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