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Mizuno Wave Creation 10

The Creation series has always been amongst the top list in every shoe store in terms of cushioning and smooth ride. The Mizuno Wave Creation 10, the tenth installment of the Creation series, does not disappoint.

As an update, the latest model has improved slightly in cushioning compared to its predecessor, the Mizuno Wave Creation 9. This is due to the rubber pillars that connect the upper and lower wave plates. The Wave is a Mizuno cushioning technology that distributes the force of the landing impact all throughout the running shoes.
Some users describes this latest addition to give them that extra springy feel, it dissipates shock very well. Heavy runners also appreciate the cushioning of this shoe and it also stands albeit their heavy pounding.

The AP midsole cushioning blends well with the Wave technology since after the shock dispersion, the midsole becomes more responsive. It is an accommodative type of cushioning and it is very lightweight. The combination of the AP midsole technology and the Wave technology produces a smoother ride.

The upper is still made up air mesh to maximize ventilation, but bands have been added from the laces to the midsole. This bands help lock the upper over the arch. According to testers, the fit is snug, has a roomy toebox and no heel slippage is reported.

The outsole is made up of X-10, a very durable carbon rubber that allows longer wear in high-wear areas and has incredible traction properties for optimum grip on the road.

Wear-testers say that these trainers need breaking in for a few miles, it was a bit stiff. Some agree that they were skeptical at first with the shoe’s stiffness, but they actually feel no pain at all. After running around in these trainers, they appreciate the support it gives to their every stride.

The shoe were priced originally at $161.95 USD, it is now on sale at $134.95 USD but can be purchased for less in online stores.

Overall the Mizuno Wave Creation 10 is a highly cushioned shoe with incredible shock-absorption and durability. It is great for heavy-runners looking for a cushioned ride.

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