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Major Injuries – Educating the Runner

Competitive runners often push their bodies to extremes that it cannot handle. Because of the unique requirements of running it is often the case of too much too soon even for those who have had six months to a year of experience. With this amount of pushing major injuries could occur. These are the type of injuries that often need immediate medical assistance.

This article introduces some nagging injuries that can cause runners to completely stop training. It is the hope of this author that runners are made aware of the potential threats to their running careers.

Tiny cracks on the surface of the bones are called stress fractures. This is a major injury that cannot be treated at home or with rest. The risk here, aside from it being painful, is that it may lead to a total complete fracture of the said bone.

Nothing provokes stress fractures more than prolonged intensive running. Runners who usually compete are especially at risk for this. Running for miles and miles at great intensity are best reserved for those who can sacrifice their health for their goals (full competitive athletes).

Low calcium levels caused by improper supplementation or age can exacerbate this problem. It usually occurs on the tibia, femur or sacrum. That is the lower leg bone, the thigh bone and the bone at the base of the spine.

If you feel any of those bones getting painful it is imperative to completely stop running and go to your doctor. They should advise you to take an x-ray to see if it is indeed stress fractures causing you pain.

Another recurring pain that runners have to deal with is plantar fasciitis. A lot of runners experience this but treat it as if it’s just soreness. Plantar fasciitis is characterized by a sharp pain on your heel when you take a step.

The plantar fascia is a strong band of tissue that connects the heel done to your toes. It’s that thing that you feel getting stretched when you curl your feet upwards. This pain is aggravated by long distance running because the stress placed on this tendon is beyond its ability to handle.

Like all running injuries it is a case of giving the body too much too handle without it being prepared. Quite amazingly bad or worn out running shoes can often be the culprit. This is especially true for people who have flat feet wearing shoes without arch support.

Treating plantar fascia is a long process. First you want to cut back on the amount of running you do. You can do other activities that don’t stress your plantar fascia too much. If the pain is too much you can also down an ibuprofen pill or something similar. In severe cases you may need physical therapy and have to use orthotics with a proper running shoe.

Another major injury to watch out for is Runner’s knee. More accurately known as, patellofemoral pain syndrome, runner’s knee is caused by weak quadriceps muscles and an imbalance to the hamstrings. Most people are a lot stronger on the quads that on the hams.

You know when you have this because you will feel soreness around your kneecaps. Clicking or popping sounds when you move your knee particularly around the 90 degree range is a good indicator too. Stiffness and soreness along with a lose feel on the knees are also symptoms.

Treatment for runner’s knee involves icing the affected area and taking anti-inflammatory drugs, like aspirin. As always taking a week of running can accelerate healing. The number one way to prevent it from getting worse is to balance the muscle strength on your legs. Doing lunges, squats and leg curls is almost always a sure fire way to treat this injury.

Like all running related injuries running shoes can help you. If you overpronate a lot then making sure to get shoes right for your feet is an assurance not only for preventing major injuries but also the many minor injuries that runners have to go through as well.

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