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Foot Types – Find Out Whether You Are Flat Footed Or High Arched

Foot Types – Find Out Whether You Are Flat Footed Or High Arched
By Al M. Kind

Finding out what foot type you have can help you choose the right pair of running shoes. The first question new runners ask is, “What kind of running shoes do I need?” One of the best indicators in getting the right running shoe is your foot type.

The first thing to really remember in choosing what type of running shoes you need is that choosing the wrong type can and eventually will damage your feet, knees and legs. Very simply put: Wrong shoes equals Injury.

The first step in finding out your foot type is to analyze your arch. Almost everybody knows if they got a flat foot, high arch or normal arch. One way to find out is to stand perfectly normal and relaxed and have someone take a look at the arch that forms at the middle part of your foot.

If there is no arch or the arch barely rises from off the ground, then you have a flat foot. If the arch is extremely high then you have a high arch. If it is in-between those two then you have a normal foot. It is best to remember not to take absolute measurements as high and low arches are highly relative to the size of the foot. So take things into perspective when using this method.

Another way to determine your foot type is to do what is popularly known as the wet test. Dip your foot in water, shake off the excess water and step on anything that will leave a print of your foot. It can be a sheet of paper, the floor or a piece of colored cardboard. Just make sure you get the full print on it. Take special care in trying to press your foot on your chosen medium. Too much pressure may ruin your foot print. If this happens just wet your foot again and repeat the test.

A flat foot will form a full foot print. That is, there is almost no curve on the middle inside of the foot print. The print will be full bodied and form an almost box like appearance.

A high arch foot would leave an opposite mark. The curve that forms on the middle of the foot is extreme. The high arch foot mark allows little of the middle foot to touch the floor. In most extreme cases the footprint is just the forefoot and the heel with only a very thin line connecting them forming at the outside of the sole.

A normal foot would be something in between the flat foot and highly arched one. One easy way to find out if you have a normal foot is to draw a straight line from the center of the forefoot to the center of your heel. If the curve of your middle foot matches or nearly matches that line then you have a normal arch.

Most runners have perfectly normal feet with a normal arch, quite a few are flat-footed and rarely will you find a high arched runner. They say that less than five percent of runners have highly arched feet.

Now that you know your foot type it would be easier to choose the correct running shoes. Just remember to mention your foot type when buying a running shoe at your favorite sports shop.

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