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Five Limitations That Treadmills Have

By Al M. Kind

The fitness machine industry is filled with exercise machines of all types. The most popular among them, treadmills, have evolved into several different types. There are specialty treadmills for women, foldable kinds and even hybrid treadmills which feature upper body exercise attachments.

Although the choice in treadmills is limitless you will find that very few people actually use their treadmills. After the initial novelty factor has subsided the treadmills are relegated to storage in garages and basements.

There are several reasons why people find it difficult to run on a treadmill consistently. This article goes through five of the most common problems why treadmills get folded up and remain unused in many people’s home.

Treadmills Give a Tight Space to Run On

Most treadmills that people can afford simply do not have the space required for a natural run. Quite often space limitations on our homes force us to buy treadmills which are far smaller than ideal. Less length and lacking in width the space most treadmills give simply is not enough for proper running.

Treadmills Force You to Run Unnaturally

Whether you like it or not running in a treadmill will never allow you to use your natural biomechanics to run efficiently. Even the best track athlete in the world will find that treadmills never give you the real sensation of running.

Accidents on the Treadmill

Treadmills are generally safe but accidents do happen. Accidents include the runner flying across the room after tripping, treadmills malfunctioning and suddenly going too fast and pets getting injured by the belt. The recent death of Mike Tyson’s child in a treadmill accident only goes to show that this equipment is to be operated with extreme care.

Expensive to Purchase

Decent treadmills cost more than 1500 dollars. Better ones frequently cost triple that. The best ones you find at the gym may cost half of the price of your car. Treadmills are incredibly expensive to purchase and the cheaper ones out there will never really give you a proper platform to run on.

Expensive to Maintain

Aside from the upfront costs you will have to maintain treadmills too. You will have to oil them, change belts, replace controllers and sometimes even have to replace the whole motor. The amount of running that will change your physique will kill any “home treadmills” in no time.

If you want to save money, space, time and headaches it might be better to lace up your running shoes and hit the road running. All you really need is a decent pair of shoes that give you cushioning for that comfortable ride.

Good shoes cost less than your gym membership. Learn more about the good shoes like the Nike Run Avant. It is one of the best cushion running shoes that will give you the most value for your money.

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