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Fitting Running Into Your Busy Schedule

Everyone has less and less time to spare in today’s competitive world. We often overextend our working hours sacrificing family, health and our mental well-being to just basically survive. This presents a dilemma to the runner who is serious about working hard and balancing their health and family life.

This article suggests several points which can help a busy person make time for running. Nothing in the world worth doing is easy to do and that includes running on a consistent basis. These are several things you can consider if you desperately need time to fit running in a busy schedule.


All people who are serious about success in many aspects in their lives need to have a plan. A plan may or may not be written down in paper but is consciously followed. To survive in this world, runners have to plan. Take time to sit down or lie down and think about how you week is going to pan out.

It’s great to do this on the start of the week. Try to visualize how each day ends and commit yourself to finding time to run. If the president of the United States has gym time then anybody can have 30 minutes to an hour they can spare three times a week to maintain their health. This is a fundamental skill every runner should master. The ability to follow a week plan for your running will make you a “balanced runner.”

Great Runs

Most people keep convincing themselves that the grind is the way to be successful. What grinding loosely means is forcing yourself every single time to work, work, and work on your running even if your mind and body refuses to do. We aren’t machines and machines break down. So although, mind over matter is a needed skill, it’s great never to wear yourself down beyond your ability to recover.

Focusing on quality runs is a great way to save time and be effective. Efficiency is part of a runner’s arsenal. A few hours before you run try to slowly focus on running. Slowly forget about the distractions in life as the time to run is getting nearer. Life is best handled one task at a time and being able to focus on your running before you run is almost a 100% assurance that you won’t feel like grinding.

Wake Up a bit earlier

A long and proven secret in the running circles is that waking up 15 to 20 minutes earlier than your normal time will do wonders for your training. The human body is a beautiful machine but also a stubborn one. The difference between 6am and 5:45am is tremendous. Those fifteen minutes can mean that you may have time to compose yourself and think about your upcoming session before life distracts you. Giving yourself time to breathe and not rush into things ironically gives you a better chance to fit running into your schedule.

Dogs Rule

It’s really surprising how many people refuse to be able the see the logic between a dog, a pair of running shoes and the wish for better health. Putting them together means early morning jogs with a companion who would love nothing more than to be with you!

Our pets can be great inspirations for us to squeeze in 30 to 45 minutes of our time to take care of our health. After all you’ll be doing yourself and your pet a huge favor. Even better you’ll have a furry little friend who’ll enjoy and be grateful for walks with you.


Children nowadays are lazy. Back in the days I remember children begging their fathers if they could tag along during a run. It was always fathers declining the offer telling their kids that they are too young to exercise.

If we care about our dogs’ health to take them for an early morning walk then we should even be more concerned about our children’s health. Instilling in them the drive to exercise and take care of their health at a young age can have profound effects on their adult lives. Nowadays education is not the greatest gift you can give a child. A healthy and active body will ensure that they get ahead in life, especially in these times of 200 pound 10 year olds.

Run Opportunistically

A very popular trend according to running magazines is happening in metropolitan cities like New York. People take put on their sneakers once they get a chance for a break. Some report to work running up the stairs through dozens of floors. Another popular trend seen on TV is running on coffee breaks. It’s simple, instead of walking at a leisurely pace to the nearest star bucks you can actually jog!

Another good idea especially if you are a parent is to run around while waiting to pick up kids at school or waiting for their sport games to finish. If you really are serious about this you can even run to work and FROM work. If you are within a few miles of your working area and are fit enough to do it, then you’ll never have an excuse to find time for running anymore.

All these tips point to one thing: If you care about your health, you are going to find time to invest on it. It doesn’t take a whole lot of effort if you really put things into perspective. After all how many minutes do you spend on Facebook a day?

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