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Expensive Running Shoes – The Right Choice

A major paper made a shocking statement on the popularity of expensive shoes. The New York Times concluded that the price of shoes had nothing to do with their ability to protect a runner from injury. They go on as much as suggesting that you are better protected from injury with cheaper alternatives.

They made a very clear distinction about this. The research they cited compared shoes shoes from the same company. They just compared low end, middle end and high end versions of shoes of the same brand. This study done a few years ago seems to be supplemented by another study which has yet to be released. The conclusion is clear: Top end shoes with all their fancy technologies protect you no more than low end shoes do.

What is worse is that this high end shoes featuring pillow-soft rides and supportive roll bars that are meant to protect runners exacerbate injury risk.

Without going to a running expert novice runners usually expect more expensive shoes to protect more than cheaper ones. Runner’s misinformation can’t all be to blame here. After all multimillion marketing efforts of big shoe companies promise protection and injury prevention as headline claims to their ultra expensive running shoes.

The best solution for newer runners who lack the sufficient knowledge about running shoes is to visit a running shoe store. Competent stores usually will have a gait analysis machine. This process is simple you simply run on a treadmill while they take a video of the way your legs, ankles and feet impact the surface.

If this isn’t available its best to take a video of yourself running on a gym treadmill and showing the video online. There are a number of services that analyze your gait for a small fee. Or you can even show your video to the dozens of running forums.

It is very important to select the right shoes for your feet. Take note that a bargain pair of running shoes that fit you right is infinitely better than a $140 dollar pair that promises injury protection on paper.

Wearing the correct type of running shoes is probably the most important thing that newer runners should do. As you get stronger and more familiar with running your running mechanics should supplement the right shoe to ensure that your chances of getting injured are minimized.

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