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How I found out that I needed Cushion Running Shoes.

When a runner begins to take up running the leg and foot normally undergo aches and pains. The muscles and ligaments around them are not used to the stresses involved in running. This is especially true for those people who are sedentary and never really regularly ran before. A lot of new runners let their enthusiasm about entering into a new sport get the better of them and get the most expensive and good looking running shoes they first see. With the wrong pair they could actually damage their feet in the long run and never really feel comfortable running.

In the case of Underpronators this is especially true. Because only 5% of the population are underpronators, most shoes on the rack at your favorite shoe shop will not suit you. Just today October 12, 2009, I went over to our local adidas shop and found just 1 pair out of dozens that were right for me. I asked the sales person why and they told me they were being pulled out because they never really sold well. I asked for the lastest Adidas Response Cushion 18, Adidas Supernova, Adidas adiStar Ride 2 , Adidas Supernova Glide. There were none. They only had a 3 year old model of the Supernova on sale. That was it.

So how did I know which pair I needed? Well I’ve spent the time researching and asking around shoe shops. Why? Because for more than a decade I ran on the wrong pairs of shoes. I never could stick to my running for more than a year because of the pains that I went through. I ran, experienced pain, took a break, braved running through the pain, run until I couldn’t walk to work anymore then stopped. Then after a number of months run back again and go over the cycle all over again. Imagine going through this cycle for more than a decade. It was only about 3 years ago that I thought about it. When I was jogging I saw a very well built runner wearing a very very nice pair of New Balance running shoes. I loved the way it looked and had to get one ASAP! So I rushed to my local sports shop and asked for the same shoes. It was expensive costing more than $ 120+ mainly because it was the latest model. I couldn’t wait to try out the shoe and rushed to their mini indoor track to try it.

I was bitterly disappointed when I started to run because it felt all wrong and I felt like my logs were bowing on me! Fortunately, I was so intent on getting a new pair that I tried about 12 to 15 pairs of running shoes! This is when I discovered the Adidas Supernova Cushion Running Shoes. When I first wore it I was sure it was the right shoe for me. I ran and Ran and RAN! It was miles better than any pair I had for more than a decade. I had asked the store how every shoe felt wrong and why the Adidas Supernova felt wonderful. They simply said, “Get shoes with Cushioning”. So ever since I got shoes were Cushion Running Shoes. All I knew was that if it had the word “cushion” inside it would suit me. This worked well until a couple of months ago when I went out to get another Cushion Running Shoes pair. Since I had been accustomed by the Adidas brand I went straight there and looked for a pair. Now call me paranoid, but I do sometimes think that most sales people at shoe shop don’t know what they are selling( they just want to sell you the most expensive one ).

This is most especially true among the Brand Shops like Adidas Shops or Nike Stores. So I just picked shoes and peeked inside if they had the word “Cushion”. Imagine to my horror that NO SHOES were labelled with the word Cushion inside. The Sales Rep told me that Adidas had abandoned writing the word Cushion inside. So I demanded for their shop brochure and found out that this was actually true. The Cushion Running Shoes were no longer labelled Cushioned or Cushioning inside. Fortunately I was presented with the Running Shoe brochure Adidas normally gives to their shops. I got a few pairs and realized that Cushion Running Shoes were no longer labeled the way they were before. This made me realize that there was more to be done in educating the minority of underpronating runners who need Cushion Running Shoes. I started this site on Cushion Running Shoes in the hope that less of us High Arch Runners with an Underpronating Gait will have to go through what I did for a decade.

Feel free to browse around the site and Make sure you read the “Do I need Cushion Running Shoes?” page. Thanks and Happy Running Al. M. Kind Running to Lose weight!