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Do I need Cushion Running Shoes?

Have you been running for while experiencing pain or do you plan to go on running?

Follow this quick guide on knowing whether or not you need Cushion Running Shoes.

Do you know if your foot has a high arch, medium arch, low arch or no arch at all?

If you don’t take this simple test. You’ll need a sheet of paper ( or a brown paper bag ), someway to get your foot wet and of course your foot!

  1. Place the Paper on a dry surface . Make sure its long enough to fit your foot!
  2. Dip your the sole of your right foot ( or left if you want ) in water.
  3. Shake off the water so your foot isn’t soaked
  4. Step on the peice of paper your prepared
  5. Make sure to step a bit lightly. Just enough to get your print on it. Do not put your weight on it
  6. Check to see what kind of foot print it left.

Flat Footed

If your print is full with all the foot leaving a mark you are a flat footed person. Most likely, You DO NOT NEED CUSHION RUNNING SHOES. This will hurt your foot and lead to injury. Find out what the best motion control running shoes is for you.

asics flat foot
This is Asics Interpretation of the Flat Foot*

Normal Foot

If your print is normal, you should see the inner curve of the middle part of your sole clearly dividing the foot into two. Generally, the width of the bottom part of the foot print is equal or near the size of the center. You will want to wear Stability Running Shoes.

asics Normal Arch
This is Asics Interpretation of the Normal Foot*

High Arch

If your print is SEXY, that is, the majority of middle part of the foot is likely invisible from the foot print. The middle part of the foot print may be very thin. In my case it is only an inch wide! You are more than likely to need Cushion Running Shoes.

asics High Arch
This is Asics Interpretation of the High Arch Foot*

Are you needing shoes for Underpronation?

The second part is for people who are exceptions to the rule. Normally a flat flooted person, Overpronates. Simply put they need Stability or Motion Control Running Shoes. The normal footed person will feel comfortable in a pair shoes that has Motion Control. But the sexy feet, er, High Arched person will almost always need Cushioning Running Shoes.

There are rare exceptions to the rule. For example:

  1. Flat Footed Overpronators
  2. High Arches Underpronators

To be sure you need to get an analysis of your gait on a treadmill. But be careful though, an expert might see you underpronate on a treadmill but you may actually Overpronate on the road. So aside from having an analysis on your gait on video try to actually run on your normal running path. It should be very easy to detect within a few hundred meters if you underpronate or overpronate. If you feel that the majority of the impact is carried by only the outer sides of your soles then you definitely are Underpronated and need Cushion Running Shoes. Don’t be conscious when you run. Just take your natural strides speed up and speed down. Take your time to really feel how your gait is.

Here’s a video I found on YouTube on Pronation

Underpronating for sure? Evidence is in your SOLE!

Lastly, if you have an old pair of running shoes this would be the best indicator. The more worn it is the more you’ll find out if you need Cushion Running Shoes.

Take a look at this Pictures.

1) Overpronator

adidas adistar ride 2 overpronation

The overpronator will feature most of the wear on the inner sides of the shoes. It can be as much as the whole inner side of the sole in some cases. In most cases the wear if concentrated on the bottom heel and the inner top area of the sole because The overpronator propels his feet with the “thumb” portion of his forefoot. A Cushioning Running Shoe is not needed for the OverPronator. What he needs instead are a motion control running shoes.

2) Normal Pronator

adidas adistar ride 2 normal pronation

Normal Pronators are more common the Overpronators although not by much. These people have it easy because there shoes age so much more gracefully. Note the patterns of wear on the center of the shoe. Both sides will wear out easily. People with normal pronation need Stability Running Shoes. Read more about them by clicking the link to the right.

3) Underpronator

adidas adistar ride 2 underpronation

Ah, yes sexy foot has to pay the price. You will notice the other side of your soles getting worn out much faster than the inner sides. For almost a decade my shoes wore out almost exclusively on the outer side.  If you are wearing out your shoes this way you definitely need Cushion Running Shoes. Take note that the shoes featured in this picture is a Cushion Running Shoe. You’ll notice the thicker rubber outsole compared to the inner red part of the sole. The heel design also encourages the foot to move from outside to inside upon impact. This helps pronate the underpronators foot more.

I hope you don’t get confused. Its actually quite simple to know if you need Cushion Running Shoes. Don’t fret out and think that you need a high tech shoe or you are actually a very rare individual that needs a special kind of shoe ( although there are biomechanically challenged actually runners who need special shoes, but most of us should find a good Cushion Running Shoe ). Run and Enjoy your new Cushion Running Shoes!