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Brooks Summon 3

The Brooks Summon 3 is a quietly efficient neutral ride for new runners looking to step into the world of running. These economical shoes have proven to provide new and experienced runners alike with the essentials of a smooth run, without breaking their pocketbooks since its price is low compared to other shoes in the market.

The Brooks Summon 3, for starters, is relatively light at 10.6 ounces for men and 8.6 ounces for women. The shoe itself is the third installment of the Summon series, and boasts little to no changes over its predecessor since the Summon 2 was such a hit among its users. The shoe sports a good amount of inside support for tender new feet. It also has a wide forefoot to accommodate wider feet. It can be used for either fast or slow training sessions, depending on the intensity and experience of the runner in these shoes.

The soft heel is meant to cater also to the heel-striking tendencies of new runners, and give them the cushion they need to avoid injury or pain to the shins, knees, ankles, and back. The shoe itself is positioned by Brooks as its value shoe, and is meant to appeal to runners who do not yet think dropping large sums of money on running shoes is a wise investment.

Users of the Brooks Summon 3 were overall satisfied with the shoe’s performance, and agreed that it had the features needed to deliver a run free of excessive foot pain. They were satisfied with the shoe’s light weight, and claimed that it did not drag the feet during a run. They were also satisfied with the comfort, particularly by new runners stepping into the 5k circuit. Runners with wider feet also enjoyed the shoe’s accommodating interior design along with the cushioning it provided. Many runners labeled it to be a good buy that exceeded or met their expectations. If there was a weakness to this shoe it would be its wide toe box. Runners who dislike large toe boxes should avoid this shoe.

Some mentioned the shoe takes a little bit of breaking into to get used to. The fit, however, was said to be true to its size. Testers noted that the shoe’s design was good for underpronators as well, with its cushioning on the interior and mid-sole. There were mixed opinions about the shoe’s design, although many were outraged at the way the purple colors looked on the outsole. Some female runners, however, appreciated the shoe’s flamboyant appearance. The overwhelming response to this cushioned trainer from Brooks is its comfortable fit.

In conclusion, the Brooks Summon 3 does what its manufacturer intended: provide new runners with a solid entry ride into the running world without breaking their pocketbooks. Older and more experienced runners also confirmed the shoe’s legitimacy in the realm of quality running shoes, with its great combination of cushioning, weight, and comfort. Despite its flaws, this cushioned running shoe is a great buy, and new runners looking to get into the sport can’t go wrong if they step into these.

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