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Brooks Summon 2

The Brooks Summon 2 is not a fancy shoe. The second installment of Summon is a raw, basic running utility for runners with high arches and hard heel-strike tendencies.

Its design brings feet higher off the ground than most running shoes, and provides efficient heel impact absorption to move runners efficiently from heel-strike to toe off. It has a simple design that boasts no more than a good fit and a durable heel outsole. The Brooks Summon 2 is built simple and light, at only 10.7 oz. for men and 8.5 oz. for women.

The foot-raising elevation of the shoe makes it feel like a clunky platform despite its light weight. The overly springy underfoot action bothered testers while others found that it gave them a pleasant bounce. The design is nothing fancy, and felt a bit rigid on the feet of the more sensitive runners. Other users complained about its lack of support for long distance runs.

Despite the complaints, testers liked the shoe for having a simple design that didn’t try to do too many things, and also for having a snug fit. Some users and testers of the shoe were even surprised at the amount of cushioning offered by the basic design.

It is on the cheaper side of the pricing spectrum, with a retail tag of only $85.

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Overall, the Brooks Summon 2 is the bare bones minimum of running shoes. It specializes in high arches and hard heel strikes. The Brooks Summon 2 is best for novice runners looking for a basic cushioning shoe that can double as their casual “walking” shoe.

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