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Brooks Glycerin 9

The Brooks Glycerin 9 is a big runner’s dream, with enough treatments in its features to accommodate even the most problematic of feet. It is also friendly to lighter runners looking for a spring in their step. Users and testers agreed that the shoe delivered on multiple fronts, and it scored satisfaction points across the board of runners of all shapes and sizes.

This cushioned runner is a heavy rider, weighing in at 11.9 ounces for men and 9.5 ounces for women. It is designed for bigger runners who pound the pavement with their gait, but also sports unique mid-sole foam that creates a spring to each step that lighter runners would appreciate and fall in love with. The crash pads on the bottom are segmented, and designed to create a smooth transition from heel strike to toe off. It’s a flexible shoe with a generous amount of memory foam. Compared to its predecessor the Glycerin 8, the Brooks Glycerin 9 sports a softer material over the arch and mid-sole.

This shoe is the rival of the Asics Gel-Cumulus as far as big runner cushion shoes go, and based on user and tester opinions, matches its rival step for step. Its roomy toe box was liked by runners with wider feet. It was also said to eliminate soreness caused by other shoes, especially among runners with foot problems. Runners who wore orthotics were able to comfortable step into this ride. Big runners with hard hitting strides liked the softness that this shoe provided, and were impressed with the way it was able to handle long distance runs while staying comfortable. Lighter runners also found favor with the Brooks Glycerin 9, saying that its springy mid-sole and foam in it was a plus. Some users noted that it could feel initially bulky, but after breaking in the shoe, it was fine.

Supinators commented that it corrected their pronation tendencies and eliminated the pain associated with it. New runners were also impressed with the feel of this shoe, and noted it to be extremely comfortable and stable. Runners as heavy as 200 pound and above were able to run marathons in these shoes with ease, and claimed that the shoe could last for as long as 250 miles before having to be replaced. Runners who were familiar with the Brooks Glycerin 8 said that this installment was indeed a great upgrade. Runners with high arches also commented that this shoe catered to their feet and aliened their pain. One complaint from the Brooks Glycerin 9 that trumped all the compliments, however, was that runners with overly wide feet felt the shoe did not fit well and was uncomfortable, despite being a shoe that was designed to cater to wider feet.

In conclusion, the Brooks Glycerin 9 is like a fan-favorite physician, as it caters to many big runners and issues associated with having hard-hitting gaits, pronation tendencies, and pain or soreness. The Brooks Glycerin 9 is also liked by new runners and light runners, making this a versatile ride. Highly recommended for big runners looking for a cushioned ride that can take the miles, eliminate the pain, and give them quality mileage from the moment they are broken in to the moment they are replaced.

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