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Brooks Ghost 4

The Brooks Ghost 4 is a sleek winner among its users and fans. The shoe sports a few key upgrades that keeps this lightweight fan favorite at the top of its shape as far as delivering a smooth, durable, well-cushioned, and comfortable run.

It is a light ride, weighing in at 11.5 ounces for men and 9.5 ounces for women. It is meant to be a springy shoe for runners looking for the optimal combination of weight, cushion, stability, and comfort. The segmented caterpillar heel outsole area is designed to isolate impact and provide a smoother transition from heel strike to toe off. It’s made of flexible material as well, and its shock absorption is meant to protect runners from injuries of all kinds.

From the predecessor the Ghost 3, the Ghost 4 has introduced Brooks’ acclaimed DNA technology- a special liquid built into the interior of the shoe and meant to condense at different levels depending on the impact given by the gait. This shoes is also one of the more environmentally friendly shoes on the market, made of a mid-sole material that degrades 50 times faster than ordinary running shoes in landfills. It also sports a special tab on the upper that holds the tongue in place so that it doesn’t slide around annoyingly during runs.

The Brooks Ghost 4 won the editor’s choice award in the September 2011 issue of Runner’s World Magazine. It also received rave reviews from users all over the board. Users that the upper material made the shoe feel like a second skin, and was easy on the feet. It is versatile enough to handle any kind of workouts you can dish out, from tempo runs to marathons. The Brooks DNA actually scored high marks with users, who attested that it was working in providing a phenomenal degree of cushioning and impact protection. Other users claimed it eliminated shin splints and other foot pains.

New runners said this cushioned running shoe made running easier and improved stats of their performance. Lots of users agreed that it was a good buy, and were satisfied in one way or another with the shoe’s array of proven features. The notion that there must be a trade-off in running shoes between flexibility and firm cushioning was negated, as some users claimed that this shoe found the balance between the two assets. Users claimed the caterpillar crash pad sole to be highly efficient in eliminating bumpy transitions. The shoe was also liked for its comfort among casual runners and workers who spend all day on their feet. The stride was described to be very secured and balanced.

Some users noted that the toe box was wider than its predecessor the Ghost 3. As far as durability, runners said that this shoe easily clocked out at 500 miles, and was more durable than they expected. Runners appreciated the new tongue tie and the way the heel cup fit, as well as the way the shoe wrapped around the arch snuggly and securely. Many fans of Asics actually chose this shoe as the better ride over most of Asics’s counterparts.

In conclusion, the Brooks Ghost 4 is a winner on many fronts, and can provide runners of any skill level or gait with an impressive, light, and smooth ride with cushioning to match any shoe on the market. It’s versatile enough for any kind of workout, and based on reviews, has done nothing but impress its users. Highly recommended for runners of any skill level looking for an impressive ride that weighs nothing next to and gives practically everything.

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