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Brooks Ghost 3

The Brooks Ghost 3 is a zip-lining ride for lightweight runners with an already efficient stride. It is the third installment of Brooks’ Ghost line of running shoes, and brings this performance trainer closer to a more neutral-cushion feel while giving it an added dimension of arch support for skilled runners in search of it.

The arch hold on the Ghost 3 provides excellent support, while the soft heel feel brings an efficient level of comfort designed to zip runners nimbly from heel strike to toe-off. The heel’s outsole features a series of isolated grooves and edges, designed to isolate the heel strike impact and move the energy of the runner’s step as smoothly as possible to the toe-off. It’s a highly flexible shoe meant to be bent, broken in, and moved, accommodating the natural motion of the runner’s foot while maintaining a firm sense of support. The interior is artfully lined with memory foam, giving runners a great forefoot, midsole, and heel side fit. To top it off, the Brooks Ghost 3 flies down the track at a light 11 oz. for men, or 8.9 oz. for women.

Users praised the shoe for its excellent fit, as well as its more than competent arch support to keep up with their stride. They also liked how its lightweight design did not take away from the shoe providing a solid underfoot support, and not causing their feet to overheat during a run. The Brooks Ghost 3 won Runner’s World Magazine’s Editor’s Choice Award in the September 2010 issue for its overall combination of features delivering lightweight runners an optimum, nearly flawless ride.

It is retails for an amazing price of just $100. For its performance the Brooks Ghost 3 is a steal!

Check here if its still available

In conclusion, the Brooks Ghost 3 handles like a dream when handled by the right runner: lightweight, smart-striders looking for good arch support to keep up with their feet.
Highly recommended cushioned running shoes for experienced runners who know what they’re doing and know what they need.

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