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Brooks Dyad 6

The Brooks Dyad 6 is a nimble ride for the heavyweight runner. It is the sixth installment of the Brooks Dyad series, and features only minor improvements over a ride that already does what it’s meant to do: to carry heavy runners, and to accommodate orthotics without taking away from the shoe’s overall support and performance.

The shoe is meant to pound the ground. It features a thick heel that gives the heavy runner a durable impact at the heel strike, accounting for heavier bodyweights and the strain it puts on the runner’s foot. It also has a wide base design, which allows generous room for orthotics, as well as runners with wider feet. The full-ground contact at the heel gives the runner a solid return on each step, and its lightweight fit of 12.2 oz. for men and 10.2 oz. for women further add to that effect. The minor updates from the previous Dyad installment are negligible, and take nothing away from its already efficient design.

Users were impressed with the shoe’s protective feel and cushioning, particularly the feel at the shoe’s underfoot. Users also complained about the loose forefoot of the shoe. Fitting issues aside, it has been described as an overall comfortable ride for heavy runners, and a great home for orthotics, as it accommodates the support of the orthotic while adding the support given by the shoe itself. While not particularly a speedy ride, it has been described as more of a Cadillac than a sports car, and satisfied its niche user base.

At a retail price of $100, the Brooks Dyad 6 is an affordable pick for heavy runners in search of a reliable, comfortable, and orthotic-carrying cushioned running shoe.

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In conclusion, if you’re a heavier runner who requires a roomy cushioned shoe capable of accommodating orthotics then the Brooks Dyad 6 will take care of you. Highly Recommended for those who need what it gives.

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