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Brooks Dyad 5

The Brooks Dyad series is the niche for flat-footed runners who supinate. This makes it one of the most unique shoes in the planet catering to a very specific type of user. With the fifth installment to the series, the Brooks Dyad 5 is sleeker and lighter.

Compared to the previous version, the Dyad 5 sports a lighter upper by using less material that wraps the foot while maintaining the conforming fit. Also the flex grooves in the forefoot are deeper which allows the shoe to flex more. The Dyad 5 also features the full-length MoGo midsole material. The MoGo is Brooks patented technology when it comes to resilient cushioning. Aside from the soft ride this technology brings, the MoGo is also very durable and lighter compared to standard foam materials.

The Dyad 5 features HydroFlow cushioning units placed in the heel and forefoot area. These units are shock absorbent and provide cushioning from heel strike to toe-off. Working with the HydroFlow cushioning units is the full-length S-257 midsole material. It also provides excellent energy return on every stride.

Added stability is done with “The Cush-Pod configuration”. It is composed of two supportive pods in the midsole and outsole of the shoe that add an extra spring with each step. It places the foot in an efficient, balanced position every stride for maximum cushioning and flexibility. Finally, the dual stability arch pod provides the necessary support and control for overpronation.

Another nice update for the Dyad 5 is it now comes in widths. With this, the shoes can accommodate a wider variety of runners, especially those who wear orthotics.

Many wear-testers find the shoe very comfortable to run. Heavy runners also praises the shoe’s durability since it can holds well to heavy pounding. However, some find the cushioning a drawback to these shoes. Some have complained that the extra padding makes it harder to run at faster speeds, because of lack of feeling of the ground.

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The Brooks Dyad 5 has a suggested retail price of $100.00 USD but can be bought cheaper in online stores. It is designed for flat-footed runners who don’t need motion-control shoes. It can also be ideal for the medium- to high-mileage runners. It is also suitable for heavy runners looking for a shoe that will hold up to their higher impact force.

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