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Best Cushioned Running Shoes For Women 2011

Modern day running shoes feature what many manufacturers call gender engineering. Shoes for women are specifically designed according to their needs instead of them being just smaller sizes of the men’s versions. This year the running shoe industry’s focus on women is even more pronounced. More and more running shoe manufacturers take the needs of women seriously.

It has even reached a point where the feel of the same models of shoes has varied considerably compared to the men’s versions. This makes it even more important for us to recommend a shoe for females.

Aside from the obvious difference in weight, cushioned running shoes for women often feature less rigid soles and softer materials which make the shoe a bit more pliable and pillow like. Advanced shoes even have the tracks of their shoes differ considerably from the Men’s version.

Compare Men’s Best Cushioned Running Shoes for 2011 to this list below.

Reebok Zig Pulse II Women’s

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For the women who love being at the edge of fashion while running this Zig update from Reebok offers a very tempting ride. The ZigTech midsole-outsole combo that dominates the look of this shoe works extremely well. An extremely well cushioned bouncy ride is something that most female runners experience when trying this shoe for the first time. This shoe is for the fashionista looking for a great bargain, fresh looks and a comfortable (almost enjoyable) ride


Asics Gel Nimbus 12 Women’s

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Like its male counter-part the Asics Gel Nimbus 12 for Women features a plethora of gizmos that even the most avid runner will find plenty. The IGS System in this iteration of this famous neutral cushioned shoe line from Asics is highly effective and has gotten a lot of attention from female runners. The fit of this shoe is awesome as well as Asics hasn’t held back on giving it a lot of memory foam. This version for women features a customized softer forefoot and overall softer feel as well. This is definitely a shoe that everyone should have a pleasure of riding.


Saucony Progrid Triumph 8 Women’s

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The Saucony ProGrid Triumph 8 for women is a great shoe for runners who have a tendency to strike with their heels. It’s Saucony’s high end entry in the neutral shoe category and is hard to find faults on it. It gives a stable ride and is great for larger ladies who tend to land on their heels.