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Best Cushion Running Shoes 2011

It’s the end of this year and we once again revamp our recommendations for the Best Cushioned Running Shoes for 2011. This time we have a lot of entries with what we feel are the best products for underpronated runners.

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Best Performing Cushioned Running Shoes

Asics Gel Nimbus 13

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Heel strikers will love the new Nimbus from Asics. It’s a bit unique because it has extended its usefulness by catering to those who have mildly pronated gaits to those who have supinated ones. This makes it even more popular as a neutral trainer. Heavier runners will also appreciate this shoe because of its superior cushioning. All in All a great cushioned running shoe which should be on top of everyone’s list this Holiday Season.

Bang for Buck Cushioned Running Shoes

New Balance 780

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We are not really comfortable recommending the New Balance 780 as a bargain shoe. Its performance in the real world really is beyond its price range. This cushioned trainer from NB is one of the lightest traditional trainers for neutral gaits out there. It also looks refreshingly “modern” without the in-your-face-spaceship designs. A top choice for runners looking for a lighter ride without sacrificing performance.

Best Beginner Cushioned Running Shoes

Asics Gel Strike 3

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Every new runner needs an entry level shoe. We generally discourage new runners from purchasing the top end shoes because it takes time to learn technique. Getting an expensive shoe and wearing them down prematurely can be a very expensive exercise. That is not to say that the Asics Gel Strike 3 is a low performance shoe. The fact that it weighs very light makes it a great choice for underpronated runners of all experience levels looking for a light shoe that isn’t minimalist.

Best Premium Cushioned Running Shoes

Mizuno Wave Prophecy

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The Mizuno Wave Prophecy is one of the top selling cushioned running shoes right now. This halo trainer has been in the Mizuno labs for a full 7 years before it got unleashed into the wild. This shoe is a giant leap for Mizuno as much as the Kinsei series was for Asics. It will only take some time before this shoe cements itself in the neutral shoe arena, its reign has only just begun. The Mizuno Wave Prophecy is recommended for the serious runner who demands performance without sacrifice.

Best Minimalist Cushioned Running Shoes

Saucony ProGrid Kinvara 2

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Truthfully either the first Kinvara or this second iteration vie for the top spot in the Minimalist Cushioning trainers. The Kinvara 2 is mostly a cosmetic upgrade to its award winning sibling. That means great performance and in an extremely light package. This minimalist neutral ride is recommended for those wanting experiment with the barefoot approach. It is also great for accomplished runners who want a light and unobtrusive pair of shoes that won’t bother their training sessions.

Best Trendy Cushioned Running Shoes

Reebok Zig Pulse 2

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Reebok has gotten a lot of flak last year for releasing what most serious runners consider a weird ineffective toy shoe for wannabe runners. However after some less cynical runners gave it a chance they discovered that it indeed is one of the more protective shoes out there. Reebok claims its ZigTech reduces as much as 20% wear and tear on the muscle and testers actually echo this. Now that its price has dropped we can highly recommend these shoes for people who run fewer miles than most and prefer a more shock absorbing pair.

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Don’t forget to check other worthy contenders that didn’t make our list for now. We list the reviews of Best Cushion Running Shoes that are all great values for their cost. Check them out if you need more options on alternative rides.