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Best Cushion Running Shoes 2010

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We’ve been holding out updating our list of cushion running shoes for 2010 until some shoes gained enough traction and support to displace our Best Cushion Running Shoes 2009 list. Well finally we have some worthy contenders to the heavenly Nike Zoom Vomero+ 4. And there they are!

Brooks Glycerin 8


Brooks is fast becoming a trouble for Nike. The whole running community already considers them to have a stranglehold of the Motion Control Running Shoes sector with the Brooks Beast Running Shoes and now they are gaining a following with their Glycerin Series.

The new Brooks Glycerin features a new GEL Cushion system that is what they call non-Newtonian. That simply means that the cushioning system adjusts to how hard you drive the shoe. This new innovation makes the Brooks Glycerin 8 quite a formidable cushioned shoe that will prove more than its place on top of this list.

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Adidas Supernova Glide 2

The Adidas Supernova Glide 2 is the successor to the very successful Glide 1 which was itself successor to the legendary Supernova Cushion series. We all know how much the Supernova changed the landscape for cushion running shoes.

This year’s version of the Adidas Supernova Glide is better than ever. They changed it somewhat to be able to provide some stability which is a welcome feature for those who aren’t extremely high arch. All in all the Adidas Supernova Glide 2 is looking good and with its expanded range and low price looks like the best seller of 2010 when it comes to cushion running shoes.

Mizuno Wave Creation 11

The Wave Creation 11 from Mizuno makes itself known! It has overtaken its usually better selling brother the Mizuno Wave Rider series. This new cushion running shoes from Mizuno has gotten good feedback with its new DynamotionFit which allows this running shoe to adapt to the changes of your foot while it is in-motion. This dynamic fit is a breakthrough compared to the competitions more “static fit.”

This is also very good for beginning runners are it offers more protection for those with higher arches. The heavier weight and wave plate make it easy for the Mizuno Wave Creation 11 to accomplish this.

New Balance 993

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Coming from the longest lasting family of running shoes the New Balance 993 does not disappoint. This update continues its tradition of a sock like fit with excellent cushioning. Being made in the USA makes this shoe somewhat special too. A lot of people value it highly because it is one of the few shoes that is manufactured locally. All in all the New Balance 993 presents an extremely matured platform refined throughout the years with the trust and confidence of thousands of runners.

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We are going to maintain this list for the whole year of 2010. Check back for more. The running shoe industry is a very competitive landscape and we expect a couple of additions or changes as soon as we get more feedback.

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