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Benefits of an Early Morning Jog Session

By Al M. Kind

Jogging early in the morning to lose fat started during the fitness revolution of the 70s. Popular body bodybuilders like Arnold Schwarzenegger and Frank Zane used to jog daily to prepare for their contests. This remains a healthy, safe and most importantly effective way to lose those unwanted pounds.

Many people have lost faith in morning cardio sessions mainly because they want results without hard work. Although there are other methods and pills that help you lose fat nothing is as effective as jogging regularly in the morning combined with a proper diet.

This article will convey the benefits of an early morning jog. Some of you may be familiar with them but the author hopes you can learn pick out a thing or two that you have not heard about.

Cool Air + Body Warming Up

Jogging in the morning can greatly rev up a runners metabolism. Because of the usual cold air before sunrise the body will want to generate heat (and burn calories) to keep it at a stable 98.6 degrees Fahrenheit. Along with the muscles needing calories to move your whole body, this heat generating adaptation of your body will serve to double up on the calories burned.

Metabolism Factor

It is not so much the calories that you burn when doing the actual morning jog but instead it is the effects of the elevated metabolism throughout the entire day which greatly helps you burn fat. Think of a barbeque grill left alone after first being lit. The smoldering embers of charcoal will keep burning for quite some time until they die down. This is the primary fat loss mechanism of jogging in the morning.

Aside from the physical factors involved, the benefits of early morning jogging extend to the psychological. It may sound far out but studies have actually confirmed that the psychological makeup of a person is highly affected by his physical activities.

Psychological Benefits

A clear mind is one the greatest assets of an early morning jogger. To those who are used to it skipping a session can make them feel like their brains are not functioning. To those who don’t regularly jog in the morning it comes to a surprise how sharp their thinking becomes if they start doing so.

A sense of accomplishment that carries over throughout the entire day is a purely psychological benefit too. This is especially true for men as they feel better and better about themselves the more they accomplish in a day. The feeling of conquering those 5 miles with your own will and energy gives a positive and sometimes infectious vibe that the runner carries with him throughout the day.

The absence of people during the early morning hours just before the work hour rush makes the runner feel that the world is a lot less crowded than it is. This gives way to calmer nerves during the day and smoother dealings with people at work.

There are countless benefits to an early morning jog. This article only scratches the tip of the proverbial iceberg. Find out more for yourself when you get out there and start jogging. It may be difficult at first but if you stick to it, it will change the way you interact with people and life.

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