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Barefoot Running – Disadvantages

Barefoot running has become more and more popular lately. The past two years have seen this somewhat isolated activity take up to the mainstream. Big shoe companies heavily marketing their ironic barefoot shoes helped barefoot running gain a lot of traction.

This article does not to discourage potential barefoot runners out there. But puts into proper perspective the disadvantages of going barefoot.


Barefoot running although, gaining some ground, is like hard core bodybuilding. People are not yet ready to embrace the idea of shoe-less athletes running around. For hundreds of years humans have tried their best to hide their feet and showing up without your shoes on civilized territory might frighten some.


The whole concept of the barefoot running camp is that shoes have weakened the human foot so much. That the cushioning and protection shoes offer only tend to baby the feet instead of strengthen them.

What most people forget is that one of the main reasons why shoes are were invented in the first place is for protecting the feet. If you think that going barefoot is going to strengthen your bio mechanics then you are right.

But what you gain in feet strength you’ll lose in protection. In any civilized society you’ll find lots of things on the road or trail that can pierce even the most calloused foot. Sharp metal objects like soda can hinges, nails, and metal shavings are but a few things that are a real danger.

This means that you should be getting shots for tetanus if you choose to run barefoot. A small wound infected can literally kill you.


Unprotected feet get dirty. It’s that simple. Having your feet and toes exposed to all kinds of microbes outside of your home can be dangerous. The story of worms being able to invade you through your feet is actually true.

A Huge Learning Curve

A lot of barefoot neophytes tend to have difficulty mastering the gait needed to go barefoot running. You see barefoot running involves training yourself to run in a different way than you spent your entire life doing.

Running on concrete with an unmodified running style will seriously injure any new barefoot runner. Sometimes it can be very difficult to run the correct way without someone training you. It takes months of practice to take smaller strides and strike with your knees bent while you land mid foot.

All these can be mastered of course. If you were to go barefoot running it is highly suggested to join a local club so they can show you the correct gait and barefoot friendly trails.

Barefoot running is not the holy grail of feet protection as a lot of people say. But it is an alternative worth trying. Do not expect it to be all roses and rainbows though. Engaging into this activity has its ups and downs too just like running with shoes.

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