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Asics Gel Kinetic 3

Asics Gel Kinetic 3

The Asics Gel Kinetic 3 is an armored heel ground-stomper designed for heavy runners with a powerful, shoe-destroying step. It is only the third installment in the Gel Kinetic series, and may still be at the infancy of its development

It is not strictly a pure cushioned running shoe, but does feature an ample amount of memory foam on the interior to provide an acceptable amount of stability and comfort. The main feature of this shoe, however, is its heel- a giant, gel-filled outsole that is meant to absorb the impact of even the heaviest of steps and shoot the runner forward ( It is quite similar to the Gel Kinsei ). It’s a bulky contraption, and sends the shoe to heavyweight status at 13 oz. It also features Asics’ asymmetrical lacing to give each foot the best fit possible, and get the most out of the tug applied by the laces.

Users and testers were disappointed by the shoe’s weight and bulkiness, particularly the giant gel heel that can drag the runner down. Some runners felt that it was overall a less polished shoe than most of the Asics range. This is apparent in its design as both a cushion and stability running shoe. It is recommended as an off-day trainer for runners with heavy strides.

With a retail price of $160, the Asics Gel Kinetic 3 finds itself placed on the upper end of the price spectrum.

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This running shoe from Asics is a blend of cushioning and stability from Asics. Very Mild Underpronators who tend to have heavier strides will find the Gel Kinetic 3 a comfortable and perfect match.

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