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Asics Gel Cumulus 12 Review

Asics is positioned as a specialty brand for runners, and the Asics Gel Cumulus 12 is the latest installment of this brand’s flagship line of luxuriously soft rides.

This cushioning running shoes offer generous amounts of GEL ® cushioning in all the right places, propelling this shoe to the top of the line among Asics offerings of soft-foot comfort. The Cumulus 12 in particular, unlike its predecessors, introduced a gender specific forefoot cushioning system, which involves a roomy toe box and a customized dimension of comfort.

Another touch of this cushion running shoe is the use of memory foam. The foam is placed in strategic foot locations- under the foot, at the shoe’s collar, on the shoe’s tongue, over the arch, and even underneath the sock liner and under the toes, which is an upgrade from the previous installments of the Cumulus.

This memory foam does wonders for running comfort, such as reducing irritation at the heel. Anyone who is familiar with the memory foam technology from Asics will tell you that it does work. The foam first molds on the shape of your feet and stays that way allowing for the most optimal fit for almost everyone.

Users and testers of this shoe have raved about the soft feel of the interior, which is the memory foam at work. It has been described as a “plush” ride, and the fit has been described as a broken-in pillow. Users and testers recommended it for its luxury and comfort. The only complaint was the shoe’s weight (12.3 oz. for men, 9.9 oz. for women), which makes it just slightly average in weight.

It is priced politely at $100 on most online websites. And can be found for less if you Shop Around

In conclusion, the Asics Gel-Cumulus 12 is a luxury ride which many users will want especially if they prefer the softer step that this cushioning running shoe provides.

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