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ASICS GEL 1140 is the update to the popular GEL-1000 series. This cushioned running shoe from Asics represents the best value in the ASICS Performance Running line. Fit and comfort is Asics game and this particular pair will not disappoint.

The headline feature for this shoe is its durability. The DuraSponge sole is responsible for this. And as with all Asics shoes the upper is solid and well put together.
You will be at ease and relaxed with these shoes. It also has wide toe box and the upper, which has a fine layer covered by a sturdy coarse layer makes the shoe breathe well. Ideal for summer but not meant for the beach for fine sands get in through the mesh. The overall fit of the Asics GEL 1140 is fresh and roomy.

Suggested Retail price for this cushioned running shoes is $85 USD. But we found it for much cheaper here

Get it for as low as $59 USD

Asics has delivered a very solid performing shoe with a very attractive price. We recommend this shoes for those wanting a well built runner with the confidence that the Asics GEL technology brings. A well cushioned pair that is not only light on your foot but your pocket as well.

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