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Adidas Response Cushion 19

The Adidas Response Cushion 19 is a runner’s dream, where hardcore durability meets a soft, cushy touch. It’s the 19th installment of the Response, and the main upgrade it boasts over its predecessors is the increased foot-surrounding cushion.

The shoe’s inside and out air mesh material provides the foot with a ride that is cushioned and comfortable. In particular, the shoe features the Torsion ® System, which is a midsole material that increases stability in that area of the foot. This increased mid-foot support allows for less side-to-side foot movement and a more efficient heel strike to forefoot motion than previous installments of this shoe.

The Adidas Response Cushion 19’s durability is driven by the shoes adiWEAR ® System, which is a tough rubber outsole that promotes durability and traction. As if comfort and durability weren’t enough, Adidas tops its creation off with the adiPRENE ® System, which is the cushion’s ability to absorb and retain foot propulsion, keeping the runner moving forward without wasting too much energy.

The breathable air mesh finish of this Adidas Cushion Running Shoes keeps the feet from sweating, adding further to the runner’s comfort. The Adidas stripes on the outside of the shoe anchor the laces in place, which keep the arches locked for additional mid-foot support. The Response 19 is sustainably built, and weighs in at a fly 12.3 oz. for men and 9.9 oz. for women.

Users and testers of the shoe were biggest fans of the mid-foot support system, as the decreased side-to-side movement makes running more comfortable and energy efficient. They also loved this cushioning shoes snug but comfortable fit.

The Adidas Response Cushion 19 comes in both men and women’s sizes, and is priced reasonably at $85 on most online websites.

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In conclusion, Adidas solidified its reputation as one of the premiere athletic shoe providers with the 19th installment of the Response Cushion. It’s a high-tech running machine hidden beneath a simple design and an affordable price. These cushioning running shoes from Adidas offers runners the one benefit they’d be looking for in a running shoe: a soft, cushioned step that can take them as far as they want to go without wasting a breath. Highly recommended.

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