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Adidas adiStar Solution 2

The Adidas Adistar Solution 2 is a scarcely worn shoe with few followers, and the few users who have stepped into a pair of these were lukewarm in their response, while others were dissatisfied. The shoe itself promises to deliver high-impact protection to runners looking to avoid injuries, as well as a great traction system, but the bulk and actual performance based on user reviews and a lack of a following say otherwise.

The Adidas Adistar Solution 2 is heavy, and for reasons that don’t outweigh this disadvantage. It is 12.8 ounces for men and 10.9 ounces for women. While it is designed to protect the foot from impact, many other shoes in this class do the same without retaining the adverse bulk that this shoe packs. It props the foot high off the ground to protect the runner’s body from “pavement pounding”, and is designed with bigger runners who strike the ground with their heels in mind. The sole is an armor of foam, with very little flexibility. The shoe sports Adiwear on the sole to prevent damage and provide traction. There is a wishbone structure at mid-foot designed to allow both sections of the foot to operate independent of one another. Its sole is made of a combination of sticky rubber and continental rubber, which is designed to give runners a good sense of traction and road grip. There is Adiprene in the shoe, which is a full-length foot cushioning system meant to soften up the ride. The shoe also is designed to prevent foot distortion and twisting, thus giving it a dimension in stability. The Adidas Adistar Solution 2 is actually lighter than the previous installment of this shoe.

Users described the Adidas Adistar Solution 2 as a tank that is heavy and does not stand out in its feel or fit in any special way. It was found by users and testers to be bulky and heavy. The high-perch that the shoe puts the foot off the ground was not appreciated, as it added to the heavy feel, even though it was designed to protect the foot from impact. The lacing system was considered to be a mess, with no functionality as far as creating a good fit went.

The armor and weight of this shoe far outweighed the advantage it tried to create in giving runners protection from impact and injury, and was considered by many to be a bad compromise. Testers thought this shoe felt rigid. Some runners liked the good sense of traction created by the elaborately designed outsole, though that did not completely win them over.

The shoe was noted to be durable, and lasted users for miles on end. Some bright points were that some runners liked the narrow fit of the shoe, as well as the even sense of cushioning in the inside. Testers commended briefly the simplistic design of the shoe’s upper. The only purpose reviewers saw for this shoe was to protect beginning runners from injury, as its overly armored nature would provide ample pavement protection to any foot.

The Adidas Adistar Solution 2 retails for $120.

In conclusion, the Adidas Adistar Solution 2 is recommended for an extra small niche of beginner runners who are overly paranoid with injuring their feet. These shoes are not meant to go far because of their weight and rigidness, and do not have many redeeming qualities that stand above its flaws and would make this a good purchase. The few and far between users of this shoe were less than impressed. Recommended only if you are a beginner dabbling in the sport of running, are prone to injury, and have money to spend.

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