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Adidas adiSTAR Ride 2 – Cushioning Shoes

This Shoe is a hot weather running cushion shoe. Its dominated by its foot cooling CLIMACOOL ventilation mesh that ensures your feet don’t over heat when running at the mid-day sun.

This shoes also features silver lining strips which adidas claims can carry away heat from your skin.

As with most modern adidas shoes this comes with adiPRENE all around. And most importantly this adidas model is a Cushion Running shoe because of its superior cushioning from the adiPRENE element under the heel.

Try it, adidas in my humble opinion makes the best running shoes for the runner who requires Cushioning.

adidas cushioning running shoes  adiSTAR Ride 2

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2 Responses

  1. Admin

    awesome shoe!

  2. Adidas Fan

    I got me one of these and all I can say its miles better than my old black and green supernova!

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