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A Runner’s Guide to Constistency

The most important component in a runner’s arsenal is consistency. The ability to keep going on regardless of the circumstances one faces is the mark of a true runner. In this sport, more than any other, this ability often separates those who stick to the sport and those who drop out.

It may seem like this article will address competitive or champion runners but it won’t. This article is meant for the many millions of runners who do it just for a hobby or to maintain their health. This will give out some tips on how to get closer to the coveted consistency everyone is out to look for.

Friendly Competition

Nothing wakes up the fire inside of us than competition. Motivation from knowing you have to work to beat or equal someone’s times can be exhilarating. The aggressive nature of humans to compete is within us all. Try to push your friends and train to equal or better runners above your skill level. This will ensure a lot of untapped motivation you thought you did not have.

If you don’t have enough friends to run with then you can always join any of the thousands of running groups online. There are too many of them to count. And you may even be able to see a local club. Integrating your running stats on the internet is a good way to make running more interesting. In fact if you search some more you can even plot your GPS data to plot your running route. Which you can share with friends or even future running mates.


Training for a race is the number one motivator for runners of all skill levels. This has been and always will be a test for all runners. Running is a simple sport and mostly requires a lot of dedication to “just do it.” Races are truly running against yourself and can be used for motivation for training even years before. Please be reminded that a lot of professional runners train for years to compete in the highest levels. Train for races within your fitness and skill level. Advancing throughout the different competitions will make training easier for years to come.

Achievement Rewards

Although some runners are rewarded by the simple fact that they completed their miles or marathon, it is always best to reward yourself. For example running and completing your first marathon is a great achievement that you should celebrate. Rewarding yourself in other aspects of your life is recommended and a great way to extend the joys of running outside the track. A vacation or a new digital camera are examples of rewards you could try.

Family Matters

All consistent runners have the support of their families. Once you are able to get your spouse or kids into the hobby it will create a better atmosphere for running. This synergy can greatly help you when you don’t feel like running and your spouse is up and about ready to run. Motivation and persistence is contagious, use it to your advantage.

Spice Things Up

Once in a while, you have to admit that running gets boring. Unlike a sport like tennis when your mind has to be busy thinking about what the opponent will do next or how your shot will affect his, running is simple: You just think, “Don’t Quit.”

This leads to running to be arguably the hardest sport to maintain. So it benefits from frequent change. Keep changing your routine and don’t follow the same route every week. Try to challenge yourself uphill or try to run long and slow today and hard and fast tomorrow. Variety will definitely help with running.

Don’t Be Discouraged

Bad running days tend to greatly outnumber good ones. Doubt and discouragement are inevitable consequences especially to the newer runners. Knowing that some of your training days can be “off days” will help you in just ignoring them. If you are faced with what you think is a start of a bad run mix it up, you can either vary your pace or just simply walk. This way, bad days will turn into better ones.

Make Positive Experiences Count

On the other hand, good days should be celebrated. Nothing beats the rush of a great running session. This will affect not only your running but also your everyday life. A good morning run is proven to make you perform better at work or school. It improves your resistance against mood swings and even makes you more resilient to work related stress.

So if you have one of those great runs tell everyone about it. Post it on your Facebook page, your Twitter and even text your friends. Letting the whole world know about your good runs will boost your self-esteem and make you want to run more!

Running is a great way to stay in shape and is considered by some as a good way to fight aging. Hopefully one or a couple of tips in this article can help runners achieve a little bit more consistency in their running.

Interest and consistency go together. Reading reviews on popular running shoes like the Asics Gel Kinetic 3 or the New Balance 1064 is a great way to keep your interest in running alive.

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